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Fit throwing

I have a fairly new development that I'm not too thrilled with and am having a hard time figuring out how to discipline! LO has officially started fit throwing. Where she learned it from I have no idea but it seems to have come to a head tonight. If something was done differently than she wanted or she was directed away from something she is not supposed to touch, she threw herself on the floor in protest. Crying, feet and arms flailing. I've tried saying "No, we don't do that" and sitting her up. Doesn't seem to work. I've tried ignoring...any ideas or anyone else dealing with this issue? It seems so early for fit throwing to me but here I am!

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  • My dd goes for a time out in her crib. It's not a punishment, just a moment to catch herself and calm down I only do this too when I know it's not because she's hungry or tired.

    I think children have a natural born ability to whine and have fits. DDs whine, although rare, is like nails on a chalk board. I want to apologize to my own mother every time I see her for all of the years of screaming, crying and temper tantrums I dished out to her.
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    My LO has been having tantrums for several months now. I don't know if they're capable of really "quitting the habit" at this stage. Basically, they need to communicate something and can't so at this age the only real way to express their frustration is through these melt downs.

    Our pediatrician said it's normal at this age and to try to figure out what they want/need -- like if they're playing show them options, "did you want the doll? Did you want the block" etc. she didn't say to do time outs or anything.

    My LO does it when I tell her no or take something she's not supposed to have or is just in a mood and I don't know what her prob is. I usually say, "mommy doesn't know what's wrong Dalenna, but I'm trying to fix it!" And she usually throws herself back in frustration/anger because I sometimes just don't know what her deal is!

    And honestly sometimes I fake whine and laugh to try to get her to Chill so she can see how silly she looks. It's kind of mocking, but often she ends up laughing at me laughing at her so I'll take it. I usually try to redirect her attention elsewhere when all else fails.

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  • My little guy has been throwing fits for a while.  I try to redirect him or make him laugh but sometimes I just wait till he's done.  I think it begins now and ends.....who knows! Four? Five?  My  6 year old nephew still whines. 
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    My dd has been throwing fits for quite a while now and usually it's when I say no and take something away from her that she's not supposed to have. She actually has quite the temper and I can't believe how well she expresses that she's angry. I usually try and show her something else that she can do, if that doesn't work than I let her have her fit so she sees that it's not going to get her anywhere. She usually stops soon enough and continues playing or doing what she was doing.

    Eta: If she's throwing a lot of fits for no reason than I usually just assume she needs another nap.
  • His fits are because I stopped him from playing with something dangerous. Redirection is my go to but when that doesn't work I usually just stare at him blankly and ask if he is done.

    This is pretty much the same with my DD. It is totally normal. I didn't start time outs with DD1 until 2 and she finally " got it" and understood why she was in time out about 3 months ago. That's when I started noticing a different in behavior. She will be 2.5 on Thursday. Right now it's all about redirection.

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  • Thank you for the feedback everyone. Very good insight regarding emotions that helps me understand and be a bit more patient.
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