Physical exam for adoption homestudy

This might be a stupid question, but other than your regular PCP, who can you go to for a physical exam to satisfy the adoption homestudy requirement? My husband's PCP can't get him in for a physical until January, and our homestudy needs to be done before our Sept 30 court date. Any ideas?

Re: Physical exam for adoption homestudy

  • I'm hoping they will take any doctor you can get to for a physical (random walk in, new patient situation, urgent care doc). I don't have a doctor that I've been with for more than 1 visit because I've moved so much. Good luck.
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  • Some doctors won't fill out the form if they are specialists. My husband didn't have a PCP and only saw his pulmonary specialist, so he sent the forms to him and the doctor answered virtually every question with a "cannot answer because I am not his primary physician"-type of response. So my husband went to some general practitioner he hadn't seen in five years and had the physical there, and that guy filled out the form. 
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  • I actually just dropped my forms off with my PCP's office and picked them up the next day.  I never actually "saw" my PCP at all. 
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  • we just used a walk-in urgent care type place- it worked just fine.
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  • My PCP is very pro-adoption!  We were new in town and did not have one yet because did not need it so I scheduled an appointment with a PCP that was close to us and had good reviews on a lot of different sites. I was randomly assigned to a doctor and it turns out he was very excited about our journey.  Since I was new, he filled out the forms as best he could and even offered to review any profiles of BMs if we had any questions.  Love it! I think as long as the doctor is board certified, you should be fine. 
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  • When we were in the process, my husband didn't have a PCP; he just went to an urgent care facility when necessary.  I asked my PCP if she would do his physical as well as mine, and she had no problem with it.  In fact, she loved helping us reach our goal of adopting.
  • Our PCP filled out our paperwork based on our most recent physical. Some will charge a fee but ours just filled everything out.
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  • Thank you so much everyone! I will check and see if there are any other physicians that can get him in earlier, and if not then I suppose we'll go to a walk in/urgent care type place. I'd check with my PCP, but he's super busy as well and usually has a couple months of wait time before a physical appointment as well. I appreciate all the comments! Thank you!
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