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Sleep Sacks

For those of you use sleep sacks for your LO's what are your favorite and where are the best place/price to get them?

My little guy is at the very end of all 3 of his. We have 2 fleece ones we got from Carter's that I really like, they are 0-9 month for sizing and I found them before he was born. I haven't seen them since. He also has an Aden & Anais sleeveless sack which I found for a super deal at Winners but now when I go there I never see any in large and they are always the pink ones! Interested to know where people buy theirs and which ones you recommend. I am heading to the city in 2 weeks so I am trying to do my research before then so I know what to look for!

Re: Sleep Sacks

  • I have this one below...got it from Burlington Coat Factory for $6!!!!!! It's a Halo and I love it. I also have a heavier pink one....they're just so convenient.


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  • Another vote for halo. I have bought most from amazon.
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  • ......so I'm not using these. Em sleeps in her sleep n plays (long sleeves and footed). Am I freezing my poor child out at night? What do your babies wear under the sleep sack?
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  • nolagal79 said:
    ......so I'm not using these. Em sleeps in her sleep n plays (long sleeves and footed). Am I freezing my poor child out at night? What do your babies wear under the sleep sack?
    We do long sleeve/footed pjs under the sleep sack, but our place is air conditioned so it is a bit cooler in our bedrooms. If your LO is sleeping fine with long sleeved/footed pajamas I bet she's comfortable. DD lets us know pretty clearly if she's too hot/cold. If your LO is waking up a few times a night crying and needs to be cuddled back to sleep she might be cold (or maybe just not ready to STTN, who knows). I usually rely on checking the back of DD's neck to see if she's too hot/cold, but at night I also pay attention to whether her hands/feet feel cold.
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  • We use halo's over here. I found them cheapest online through walmart. :)

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  • When we do use a sleepsack we use halo. I've got a cotton swaddle, an organic cotton, and a fleece. I'm happy with them. I bought them on sale at BRU but I've seen them cheap at Walmart.

  • I use halo. I have bought those at Walmart and bru. I also found sleep sacks at superstore. They sell joe brand.

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  • I have a couple cotton halos, a muslin aden and anais one, and a couple cotton carters one. They all work just fine and both DD and I have no preference to any brand. 
  • We love the muslin A+A sleeveless sleep sacks, with long-sleeved footie PJ's underneath.  We have air conditioning and live in SoCal with very pleasant nights (65ish at night in the summer).

    For the winter we will probably switch to the A+A "cozy" sleep sack which looks more quilted.

    We did fleece Halo sleep sacks for swaddling, but once he got too big for those, he also seemed to have better temperature regulation (plus it was summer!).  I don't think we will switch to fleece anything this winter, though of course I could be proved wrong.
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  • Zipadeezip.com my little guy loves his zippy! We used to use the swaddle halo sleep sacks... but transitioned to this at 6 1/2 months old.
  • Another one for zipadee zip, we use the cotton ones
  • We use halo sleepsacks and I got them from amazon.
  • We love the zipadee zip too. Seriously the best one out there! You can order from their website or the FB page may have deals. Our daughter has slept so well in hers and the material is great.
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