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toddler used to love reading, now not at all

Before we went on vacation, at 13 months , his whole life he loooved books and reading. He would literally bring us books for hours straight and we would stop every thing and read, at least when it was possible. He especially loved dr seuss which are ling. We went on a month long vacation where we weren't able to read much, plus there was always a lot going on and he quickly stopped letting us read to him. We got home a month ago now and he still just never ever lets us read to him. He loves the books and turning the pages and especially pop ups. But I keep telling myself it's a phase and it'll come back, but it's been two months, counting vacation! Please someone tell me a success story of this happening and the love coming back haha.

Re: toddler used to love reading, now not at all

  • Have you tried new books?  DS used to love the books we have at home, but after many months, he got tired of them and didn't want to read them anymore.  Since then I have bought many "new" books (used books on Craigslist) as well as taking "new" books out from the library almost weekly.  He is much more interested in the "new" books.  Now, once in a blue moon, he'll dig out the "oldies" and have us read them to him.  Otherwise, we just keep on getting new ones for him.
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  • My 16th month old just finished up this "not really into books anymore" phase.  I chalked it up to her being into learning so many other things during that time - learning to walk, talk, sign, etc.  Now that she's got a handful of words she's so proud to say, we've been bringing back old books or getting new ones about those books (Like about bunnies, or puppies, or whatever she's excited to say/recognize).  Every kid is different, but I had the same concern on why she quit being so interested in books.
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  • I agree that it's probably just a phase. Try new books, but don't sweat it - especially if LO is developing new skills. My son constantly goes through what I call "book binges" & then will be less interested for a while.
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  • Definitely a phase. 

    My DS, 21 months, always was sort of okay with books, but mostly like to chew on them. He would never sit still for me to read to him and would sometimes let Daddy get through one book. He was just too busy for that. About two months ago, he picked some books he really liked and we'll read those. Now, he's totally into books. He'll sit and look at them by himself, he brings them to me to read, etc. 
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  • This might sound silly, but have you tried holding the book up "teacher style" and doing a read aloud while he is in the room? When my DS brings books to us to read him, he also mostly wants to turn the pages and look at the pictures, we often can't get more than half a sentence read before he's flipping to the next page. But if he is playing (either with his books or with something else), and an adult starts doing a read aloud as if in front of a group, he will sometimes come sit down to watch. And even if he keeps doing what he's doing, I know he still enjoys hearing the story and is absorbing what's being read.
    Also, flipping pages & looking at the pictures in the books are important pre-reading skills. If your son is interested in doing that, he hasn't lost his love of books, he's just finding ways to be independent with them.
  • It's probably a phase.  We try to encourage reading, but my kids have gone through phases where they are very interested in books, then a month or 2 when they aren't. 

  • Just wondering, which activity has replaced reading now?
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    I'd say it's just a phase. My daughter did this  (LOVED books more than anything then went off them for ages). I kept buying new books and going to the library and a few months later she's loving them again. Maybe let him choose his own books from the library/book shop. 

    I bought a few new books from this list based on the top selling picture books and she loves them - especially the Dragons love Tacos book.

  • We go to the library at least once a week to get new books, which is nice (and free!).

    Have you tried those books that have the music or word buttons to push? That might be something fun and different. 
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  • Our DD did the same thing (went from loving books to not caring for them).  Then after a while she switched back. I think she loves books now more than ever.  The only difference is, SHE loves reading them :)  Not us reading to her, I can't ever get her to sit with me while I read. She grabs the book and flips through herself.  She'll sit and "read" book after book, more than once.  So, I would say it's probably a phase! 
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