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We go out of town with DD to visit my folks every couple of months. She sleeps in a pack and play while we're there, but now that she's 17 months I'm starting to look at other options. Any recommendations for a toddler travel bed? I've seen inflatables and also cot-style. When did you move LO from PNP to something different? I'm thinking she might not stay in a bed or cot, but then again she does nap on a cot at daycare. Any other advice?

Re: ? for frequent travelers

  • We just put DD in the bed with us starting at 22 months.

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  • DS2 still sleeps in a pack n play when we travel and has no issues with it.  He sleeps curled up in a ball so it's not like he's confined and unable to stretch out.  DS1 slept in one until he was 3 when we would travel.  Neither of my kids can sleep with us, they think it's party time and I KNOW DS2 would wreak havoc if we let him sleep unconfined, especially on vacation and vacation is not when I want to be starting a bedtime battle.

    I know some people like the PeaPod that you can zip up but my oldest freaked out when we tried it.  Once he switched from a crib to a twin bed (3 years old) we just put him in a regular bed when we travel.  I've also seen some people recommend a child size inflatable bed that has raised sides (I think it's made my Intex?).  
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  • We have the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib.  It's similar to this one, although ours is an older model:

    We purchased it for DS1 and still use it now for our younger child. It's is super easy to travel with - it comes with it's own carrying case and is very light. It sets up and breaks down very well and both our children sleep/slept well in it. It's a little pricey, but worth it for us because we do travel quite a bit. I found that the PNPs are really heavy and bulky. This isn't, and lasted with our first son until he was about 3, at which point he started sleeping in a regular bed on trips.
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