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Driving myself nuts

*** RANT****

Am I the only one that literally is driving myself nuts trying to figure out if I'm just having the most horrible dpo (if that is the correct term) ever in my whole entire life or I'm pregnant or I've gone crazy.  I started charting on FF earlier this week.  OD was 17 days into my cycle.  Now I'm 3 DPO and I feel like poop.  I've had the worse cramping EVER to the point I want to cry sometimes, upset stomach, nausea and just feeling like crap since then.  And to top if all off, I've been driving myself nuts finishing up the last few OPK which even today show up positive (even though the test line is a little lighter it is still dark).  What in the world is going on?????  
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Re: Driving myself nuts

  • Sorry you're feeling like crap!! Could you be coming down with something or have caught a stomach bug?

  • Sorry you're feeling like crap!! Could you be coming down with something or have caught a stomach bug?

    Thanks.  That's just it, I haven't been around anyone that is sick with anything that I'm having.  Who knows.  I just wish that AF would come or I'll do a test but either way that won't be for another week.  UGGG.
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  • I hope tomorrow is a bit better, or at least clearer as to what is going on!
  • gscoville said:
    Could you link your chart?  If you only started temping earlier this week, unlikely you have enough temps for FF to have confirmed ovulation accurately a few days ago. FF needs around a week of temps before ovulation happens in order to accurately pinpoint ovulation, and it's even more uncertain when you're new to temping entirely - it usually takes a few cycles for it to figure you out as you temp/chart.  

    I would really encourage you to do the free tutorials on FF for greater clarity on the different phases of your cycle as well as how temping/charting/cycles work.  You can be x number of days past ovulation (DPO), but the overall period of time between ovulation and period is called a luteal phase (LP).  So you're having a 'bad LP', not 'bad DPO'.  Also, implantation doesn't happen until 7-10 DPO, so what you're feeling at 3 DPO is impossible to be related to pregnancy.  It takes a minimum of a week after ovulation for implantation to happen, then a few more days after that for enough HCG to be created, released, and build up in your body to levels high enough to start causing actual pregnancy symptoms and turn an HPT positive.  All of this information is very clearly outlined in FF's tutorials, they're a wonderful resource that I still refer to almost two years after first doing them early in my TTC journey.  

    Ultimately, the standard is that if you're pregnant enough to feel actual pregnancy symptoms, you're also pregnant enough to turn a test positive.  If you know it's too early to test, you need to tell yourself it's too early to feel true symptoms too.  The amount of HCG needed to start causing symptoms is much higher than the very low levels that modern tests can detect.  Believe me, if what you're feeling now was truly pregnancy related, you would turn a test blaringly positive.  If you really think you could be pregnant, take a test, it'll ease your mind either way.  I found in my early days TTC that taking a test early and getting that negative kept the crazies at bay, I could convince myself that what I was experiencing was likely just in my head or was normal things my body does every cycle but I just didn't notice before TTC.  

    Also, incubation for many viruses is 2-3 weeks, you don't have to have been in contact with someone sick recently to be exposed to a bug, and people are often contagious long before they show symptoms.  Not to mention just touching the wrong door handle can be enough to come in contact with something.  
    So true about the whole virus incubation thing.  It probably doesn't help that since I started charting with FF that I've become a little obsessed about charting and looking at other's charts.  

    Here is the link to my chart (I hope it works).  I've gone through the training on FF and it is very informative.  If only I had learned about FF a long time ago, a lot of questions and unknowing would have been prevented.  :)

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  • Even though your OPK's are still showing a faint line, it doesn't really mean much. Sometimes, you get a positive after you ovulate. 

    My advice: Put down the OPK's, relax and enjoy your 2WW! I would also check and see if you have a stomch bug or something. Normally-- you aren't sick from pregnancy this early on because if it's only 3DPO, the egg probably hasn't even implanted itself yet.

    GL, and feel better.
  • You can usually have somewhat of a line on an OPK anytime in your cycle. If the test line is lighter than the control line, it's NOT positive. It is only positive if the test line is as dark or darker than the control line.
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