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XP from IF: Sha259 Sidesteps out of the room ***BFP Mentioned***

So yeah, after 3 years, 2 surgeries, and 4 failed IUI cycles, DH and I found success with our first complete IVF cycle this past July! I wore my lucky socks from the 3T exchange for EVERY appointment this cycle, even when they didn’t match my outfit. Shout out to my 3T sock buddy @Amazing817 for her gift! Apparently “Keeping Calm” during each follie check and "Dreaming Big" during ER and ET did the trick.

I was gifted with the very first positive pregnancy test of my life on August 11th. I still think it hasn’t completely sunk in for me, so I take it one day at a time. But as I had my first U/S yesterday, I think it’s about time I kick myself out.

This is a happy and yet sad time for me. I’m so grateful to be able to move on. However, I’m sad that it’s time for me to leave such a caring, knowledgeable, kick ass community as exists here on IF and on 3T. All of you are seriously Rock Stars in my eyes. I’m so glad that I got to chill with you so often, and share this ridiculously, stupidly, difficult journey with you.

@NariaDreaming and @Rumbera28 I have to call you both out as THE BEST moderators, and people, on this planet earth!! It really is because of you that both 3T and IF have been able to flourish into the robust supportive communities that they are, without the *baby dust* and *unicorn poop* that you find elsewhere. If I knew you IRL, I would hug you, and kiss your cheek, and squeeze you tight (just like a grandma would). But I guess since this is the internets and that would be creepy, I will leave you with a sincere Thank You!

I’m a prayer, and I know not everyone is, but know if that is what you need, PM and I will be on it for you! Also never hesitate to reach out for myomectomy/laparoscopy/ tubal factor/MFI issues. I’ll be an ear.
I wish you all the best of luck.

Re: XP from IF: Sha259 Sidesteps out of the room ***BFP Mentioned***

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    Sha that's the most amazing news! Congratulations. :)

    I'm using your story to get DH on board for IVF if/when the time comes, as he's also got 2% morph.

    I'm so glad you have all those frosties too, I hope your family will become complete (whatever that means to you guys) without any more difficulties!
    January 3T Siggy Challenge - New Year's Resolutions

    Me (29), DH (30) TTC actively 54 55+ cycles | All BFNs
    MFI (low everything) | Endo Stage 1 & Stenotic Cervix (treated) | PCO
    Married - July 2008 | Started TTC - Jan 2009RE Visit #1 - Mar 2014 
    IUI #1 ICI #1 - June | IUI #1.1 Laparoscopy - Aug
    IUIs #1.2, 2, 3 - Sept, Oct, Nov (Letrozole) - BFNs 
    IUI #4 - Dec (Bravelle) | IUI #5 - Dec/Jan (Bravelle) - 5 follies + TI - BFNs
    IUI #5.1 - Jan (Bravelle) Cancelled 
    Planning to start IVF in March!
    ***All Welcome***
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    Fucking bump!!!!
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    Me (29) DH (37)

    Married 7/11

    Actively TTC 3/12

    DX: PCOS

    Current treatment: Break from IUIs until after the holidays

    -----All Welcome----


    ~~~January 3T Siggy Challenge: New Year's Resolutions~~~

    (I don't do I stole T-Rex's)



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    Congratulations, Sha! I'm so happy for you!
    **siggy warning**  **everyone welcome**

    DS- 11.07.02
    DSS- 6.26.04
    Married- 6.29.13
    TTC Again- Sept. 2013
    Test Results/Diagnosis- HSG & SA totally normal
    DX: 3/2014 Prolactinoma/Hyperprolactinemia- Started cabergoline 2/2014
    5/2014 Possible mild PCOS in addition to hyperprolactinemia??
    7/2014 Adding probable tubal factor to the diagnosis list
    9/2014 And now adding hypothyroid to the list- Started synthroid 9/2014
    Cycles 1-4 - Sept.-March- All Anovulatory 
    IUI #1 March/April-  Clomid 50mg + Clomid 100mg +Trigger + IUI #1 = BFN
     IUI #2 April/May-Clomid 100mg + Clomid 150mg + Trigger + IUI #2 + Endometrin=BFN
    IUI #3- June- Follistim 75iu + Trigger + IUI #3  Benched due to a 40 mm cyst. :-(
    IUI #3- July- Follistim 75iu + Trigger + IUI #3 + Endometrin = BFP! on 7/25/14
    Slowly rising betas - Ectopic suspected on 8/8/14 & confirmed on 8/11/14
    Methotrexate on 8/12/14 -HCG negative on 9/2/14
    IVF #1- November- Antagonist protocol: 11/1: start stims, 200iu of Follistim; 11/12 ER 17R/14M/14F; 11/17 5 day transfer of two blasts, 2 blasts and 2 expanding morulas frozen; 11/22 BFP!! (On FRER at 5dp5dt)
    Betas: 9dp5dt 205, 11dp5dt 497, 14dp5dt 1,709
    u/s at 5w0d- 1 sac; u/s at 6w0d 1 baby with heartbeat, another sac without a heartbeat

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    ky29ky29 member
    Congrats! So happy for you! 

    TTC since March 2012
    DX: MFI (4% motility)

    Cycle 13: Natural cycle w/ HSG test = BFP
    Identical twins! 
    Lost my angel boys at 10.5 weeks

    Cycle 14-16: Natural Cycles = BFN
    Cycle 17: Follistim + Trigger + IUI = BFN
    Cycle 18: Natural Cycle = BFN
    Cycle 19: Follistim + Trigger +IUI#2
    Polyp found: SIS 11/11 - hysteroscopy 11/14
    Cycle 20: Follistim + IUI#2 = BFFN
    Cycle 21: Follistim (adj. dosage) + IUI#3 TI  = BFN
    IUI cancelled due to weather
    Cycle 22: Follistim + IUI#3.1 = BFN

    Cycle 23: treatment break, IVF consult
    Cycle 24 - 26: natural cycle w/ acupuncture + Chinese herbs = BFN
    Cycle 27: Follistim + IUI#4 = BFFN
    Natural Cycles until IVF
    Cycle 30: IVF#1 - Starting with Menopur + Follistim + Ganirelix
    17 retrieved, 12 fertilized, 5dt w/ 2 blasts, 5 frosties

    Betas:  #1-156(9dp5dt), #2-1200(13dp5) #3-6112(17dp5)
    Ultrasound #1 10/6: 1 bean!

    My Chart

    BabyFruit Ticker
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    Congratulations! This really is great bunch of ladies.
    Me: +35 DH: +35
    TTC: Since January 2013 
    DX: PCOS. Severe Endometriosis, Unicornuate Uterus w/only left tube and left ovary, Pedunculated fibroid (on the outside of uterus) and Anovulation. All conditions diagnosed 8/13
    TX: Metformin
    DH DX: MFI - low morphology, low motility
    Ultrasound shows both kidneys in spite of UU. 
    HSG showed clear tube on the left side. 
    Lap Surgery performed 1/9/14 to remove fibroid and endo (Stage 3)
    • IUI# 1 June 2014 started 100 mg of Clomid - 7dpiui Progesterone: 13: BFN
    • IUI#2  July 2014 started 100 mg of Clomid - 7dpiui Progesterone: 5.75: BFN
    • Natural Cycle - so shocked to be in 2WW - 7dpo Progesterone: 15.5: BFN
    • Working with new RE starting injectables in late August.
    • IUI #3 August 2014  w/ Menopur: BFN
    • Finally ovulating on my own!!
    Waiting to start IVF hopefully
    **********All Are Welcome**************
    3T January Siggy Challenge: New Year's Resolution

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    ***********siggy warning **********

    Me: 26 DH: 27
    TTC #1 Since Aug. 2013
    Cycle 1: O CD 25=bfn
    Cycle 2: O CD 48=bfn
    Cycle 3: Anovulatory/Provera =120 days!
    Cycle 4: Anovulatory/Prometrium=127 days! RE consult 6/16
    Me: Anov/poss. pcos?  HSG=normal/SA= Normal 
    July/Aug. 2014= Femara+trigger+TI=BFP!!
    Beta #1@ 16dpo=626!! Beta #2=1510
    Ultrasound @ 5w6d=heartbeat at 110!
    Ultrasound @ 6w6d =heartbeat at 131!

    Pregnancy Ticker

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    Thanks!! @BunnyBerry‌ I'm hoping that you will never have to get to the point of IVF, but you can definitely use my story to show one of the various outcomes of IVF to your DH.

    I consider myself extremely lucky that after the disaster that was our first attempt at IVF, the tweaks that my RE made to my meds for IVF 1.2 gave us quality over quantity (we only retrieved 9). And we even have the chance to expand with our frosties.

    If anyone is in the Southeastern PA area, and needs a rec for an RE, feel free to PM me.
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    Congratulations! H&H 9 months!!!
    Love 2010 | Marriage 2011 | TTC #1 since 2012
    PCOS | Anovulatory | Metformin + Letrozole
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    Congratulations!!!   I am so very happy for you!

    Me (29): Hashimoto's, CD3/7DPO bloodwork & ultrasound normal, HSG & SHG(x2) all clear
    DH (29): SA Perfect
    TTC Since Jan '13, First RE Appt Jan '14
    DX: Unspecified Ovarian Dysfunction, Long Cycles
    May '13 BFP, C/P 4w3d
    Apr '14:  50mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI #1=BFP,  Natural M/C 6.5wks
    Aug '14: 50mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI #2=BFN
    Oct '14: 100mg clomid + ovidrel + IUI#3 =BFN
    Nov 14: 100mg clomid + ovidrel + B2B IUI#4=slow response, bad lining, cancelled
    FU with RE, more bloodwork: Anticardiolipin +
    Dec 14: 5mg Letrozole+baby aspirin +ovidrel + B2B IUI#4.1=BFFN
    Jan '15: 5mg Letrozole +baby aspirin + ovidrel +B2B IUI #5= BFP!! 
    Beta #1 210  Beta #2 546

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    Congrats! I'm so happy for you! I'm a big believer in prayer too. You can add me to your prayer list anytime :)


    TTC #1 January 2009
    January 2010 SA results: Count 16 million, Motility 40%, Morphology 2%
    January 2010- Surprise BFP! DS born 10/1/2010 :)
    January 2013 TTC #2
    September 2013 Repeat SA: Count= 1.7 million, Motility= 24%, Morphology= 2%
    November 6th 1st Appointment with RE: diagnosed with severe MFI
    Testing to try to determine a cause & possible treatment for MFI
    CD 3 blood work for me. RE does not want to repeat my HSG/lap at this point,
    but may want to before moving forward with any fertility treatments.
    After seeing the uro, DH is currently taking lots of supplements and clomid to try to boost his count. We will have a repeat SA in February to see if it works.
    Follow up SA numbers are: Count= 4 million, Motility= 40%, Morphology= 1%
    Uro wants us to have another follow up SA 5/9 to see if we see further improvement than we are back to the RE to make a game plan.

    SA 5/9/2014 Count: 12 Million, Motility: 60%, and Morphology 2%. We will be doing iui #1 in late June

    IUI #1 6/28 clomid + ovidrel, post wash count 3 million total sperm= BFN

    IUI # 2 7/21 clomid+ ovidrel. post wash count 900,000 total sperm= BFN

    IVF planned for early November- cancelled due to cyst

    December IVF #1- 22 eggs, 20 mature,16 fertilized

    12/9 Transferred 1 4AA Blast, 6 frosties

    *****Everyone is welcome******

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    TTC #1

    Me: AMA, DH: MFI

    Official DX - MFI due to Hemochromatosis

    IVF #1 Nov. 2014 - ER 11/10 (10R 6M 6F) - ET 11/13 

    3DT of 3 embies - no frosties - CP = BFFN!!!!

    ****All Welcome****


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    Woooo!!!  Congratulations!  

    Me 33, DH 37 -- TTC since Jan'12 -- Low AMH (0.78) & endo, SA w/ low motility
    IUI's 1-3 = BFN, IVF converted to IUI 4/13 = BFN
    IVF 1.2: 8R 6M 4F -- 2 blastocysts frozen, FET 8/15 = BFP!!
    Beta #s = 445;1,098; 9,545  -- EDD 5/2 -- Team Pink!
    Camila Josephine arrived 4/30 :)
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    TTC since 2013 (grad of 3T)
    EDD: May 24, 2015
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    Yay!!!  Congratulations!!  Wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months!
    ME: 34, Atypical PCOS (lean, no O without meds) + unexplained; DH: 33, mildly low motility
    09/2012: Start TTC after stopping NuvaRing.  No cycles seemed to occur.
    01/2013 - 05/2013: Tried Provera to "jumpstart" cycles. No luck.
    01/2014: Clomid 50mg - no big follies, stepped to 100mg; One mature follie, Ovidrel (HCG trigger), IUI #1 completed - BFN
    02/2014: Clomid 100mg;
    One mature follie, Ovidrel trigger, IUI #2 completed, Crinone - BFN
    03/2014: Clomid 100mg -
    no big follies on 1st round, 2nd round prescribed; One mature follie, Ovidrel, IUI #3 completed, Crinone - BFN
    04/2014-05/2014: Letrozole 5mg + Ovidrel HG to prep for IUI #4 switched to TI, Crinone - BFN
    05/2014-06/2014: Letrozole 5mg; one mature follie,
    Ovidrel, IUI #4.1 completed, Crinone - BFN
    07/2014-08/2014: Letrozole 5mg; one mature follie,
    Ovidrel, IUI #5 completed, Crinone - BFN
    09/2014-10/2014: IVF Prep - Insurance requires IUI #6;
    Letrozole 5mg - no big follies 1st round, 2nd round prescribed; IUI #6, Crinone - BFN
    11/2014: "Break" - Letrozole 5mg to cycle before prepping for IVF - successfully O'ed, but BFN
    12/2014: Extending 'break' one more Letrozole-only TI cycle for mental health break - BFN
    02/2015: Prep for IVF - BCP then Gonal-F, Ganirelex, Novarel trigger;  ER scheduled 2/11!
    PAIF/SAIF Welcome.
    December 3T Siggy Challenge: Favorite Holiday Movie
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