This is incredible, but I'm still unsure. WWJ12D: Rich guy edition. — The Bump
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This is incredible, but I'm still unsure. WWJ12D: Rich guy edition.

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A friend of MH's who does a lot of business with our company  asked us to go to Disney with them in November for 5 days/6 nights (they have 3 boys). We started planning and looking into hotels and whatnot and  discovered the only one in our budget for that length of time is one of the cheapest ones. MH called his friend and asked what he had in mind as far as hotel (since we can't afford much). He replied with the Grand Floridian (the most expensive!) and said he is 100% paying for our hotel and not to make a big deal out of it because its already decided.

I'm in shock. I mean, this family is really wealthy, but we don't know them that well and the dad has been selling heavy equipment to my dad's business for years. I'm worried there is some kind of ethical dilemma here and I also just don't feel comfortable taking that kind of money. We are talking like $2000-$3000 for 6 nights.

Its super generous and would be an absolutely amazing trip, but I'm unsure. I asked MH to ask if we can pay for their flights in exchange or even just pay them whatever it would have cost us to stay in the cheap hotel, but I doubt he will let us pay him anything. This is the same man that flew my dad and I to FL on his company's private jet yesterday for deep sea fishing.

WWJ12D? Accept this gift as it is and be grateful? Opt out of the Grand Floridian and insist on paying ourselves and staying at the cheap hotel?

Note: If we do stay at the cheap hotel, we won't be close to our friends and will have to drive/bus to and from hotels to see them.





Re: This is incredible, but I'm still unsure. WWJ12D: Rich guy edition.

  • I would take it, but probably expect there to be strings attached. If it was ok for your dad and he has more business ties with him than you do then I would say it's ok for you. I would pick up the tab for a nice dinner though with that kind of "gift".
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  • @nesenotes, the thing is that this "friend" is a salesman for a heavy equipment company and part of his job is to wine and dine companies in order to get them to buy equipment from him/his company. Since my dad's company is one of his biggest clients, it is OK when its for my dad. However, MH and I have no say in what equipment our company buys or who they buy it from, so its more of a personal thing than a business thing and "friend" will be paying for us from his own money rather than on his company's ticket.





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  • LOL @karmb. He and Mh have gotten to be pretty good friends in the past couple years. I have known him for about 10 years but we never did more than say hi in passing until MH began working here and getting to know him (when you go to Vegas with someone for 4 days with everything, including drinks, comped by his company, you get to know someone pretty quickly). The Vegas trip was a business trip, however, and my dad was given an invitation for 2 and invited MH to go with him.

    He's a really fun guy and has a 3, 6, and 9 year old boy and we have hung out a few times outside of work with his family, but we def aren't BFFs. I don't know his wife that well, but she seems nice.





  • 100% take it and be grateful! Give a nice bottle of wine, take them out to dinner or something to say thank you but just enjoy it! Honestly my Dad & Grandma are these kind of people and are usually offended if we try & pay for stuff. They enjoy doing it so why not let them? Maybe you could volunteer to watch the kids one evening there so he & his wife can have a nice dinner?
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  • I say go, and have fun!

    Also, I'm a little disappointed that @lada85 didn't start this thread. I was hoping she was wiggling with rich guy...

    Omg this made me laugh so hard!! Not yet for me. Haha!! Love you @Barefoot84‌
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  • ALou9785 said:
    Wow that's awesome!!  This is my official offer to come as your au pair for K, I'll even bring S so he has a playmate :)  You're welcome. 

    Tempting. Verrrryyyy tempting.





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