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70% effaced at 32 weeks - need advice

Hi ladies. I have been having contractions since 2nd trimester which have gotten worse throughout this pregnancy. Totally normal for a 35 year old on my 3rd pregnancy. After a bad night Wed and 5 contractions in 30 minutes yesterday morning I called my doc and went in. My doctor was in surgery so I saw someone else. Contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and I am 70% effaced. I am 32 weeks 2 days. So they gave me a steroid shot for baby's lungs and sent me to the hospital for a shot to stop the contractions. I was there most of the day and they managed to slow the contractions a lot but said they won't stop completely. So they gave me a prescription for Procardia to help slow down contractions at home and told me to stay off my feet over the weekend until I see my doc on Monday.

Has anyone had experience with this? Were you put on strict bed rest? I have already been on a sort of modified bed rest, meaning my doc said to get in bed whenever contractions started getting more regular, which has been practically every late afternoon/evening. She had said to call her if I ever got to more than 5 an hour which is why I called yesterday. I am not dilated. If you did experience this, did you make it to full term? With being so used to contractions, how will I know if I am in actual labor? We have a 2 hour drive to the hospital and I am panicked I won't make it, especially since DS came out in an hour after labor started! If any of you have experience or know someone who had experience with this I would love to hear from you!


Re: 70% effaced at 32 weeks - need advice

  • I went in at 28 weeks and they stopped labor. They gave me three of those bastard shots :) and pain meds. They finally slowed down but didn't go away.

    It took 3 days of pretty much bedrest for them to go back to BH status. I am on modified bedrest and I get contractions any time I am up more than about 5-10 mins.

    I think for some people a little dialating and effacement is normal. My SIL was 2 cm and 50 by 34 weeks and 4cm 75 by 36weeks.... She had him the day before 37. I have also know people to start dilating around 30 weeks and walk around until after their edd at a 4 or 5.
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