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anyone use a lock box for key for cleaning service (like realtors use)?

I am not a fan of giving our key to cleaning people from the get go so I can build trust and also if I need to let them go, I don't have to worry about them having my key (yes, I know if they're really shady they could have made a copy when they were at the house or something). Our garage keypad doesnt currently work & I dont really want to give that out anyway. I used to leave a key in a spot just on cleaning day w/ our last service but I'm thinking that maybe the best compromise is one of those coded keybox things, I could leave it in an inconspicuous place and they would have the code, and I could just put the box out on the day they come. Anyone do this?
Wish I had a programmable door lock thing I could change on the days they're coming but not an option right now.


Re: anyone use a lock box for key for cleaning service (like realtors use)?

  • We do. It works well. Also, when we are out of town and a friend or neighbor needs into our hous for anything, it's there
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  • There are combo boxes that you can change the combo on as well. I always let our cleaning lady in and out. I'm super paranoid though. I just recently, after a year of her cleaning for us, started leaving her alone for part of the time she is here. I also never tell her how soon I'll be back (yes, I've thought this all out in my head) ;)
  • We don't give our key out or our garage door code. We have a coded door that we can program/re-program up to 5 codes. On the day the housekeeper came we would just unlock the deadbolt (it is separate from the coded lock) and she could use the code we gave her to get in. The door automatically locks on closure, so she can just walk out the door and it locks behind her.

    She is no longer with us as of last week though.

  • I went with a cleaning service over an individual because I felt more comfortable with giving my key to a business, and for the insurance and everything. They also have my credit card info on file.
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  • Thanks I mentioned, I am not going to give out my garage code & we don't have coded locks on our house so those are not an option.
    I think I'll give the lockbox thingee a try, I like the idea of having it available for neighbors etc if we're away too, that is a great bonus.
  • We use a lockbox. Very handy if you lock yourself out of the house as well!

  • Our home didn't come with a coded door, we purchased it from Lowe's Home Improvement for about $130 and I installed it.

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