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Isn't Cade an insanely beautiful boy's name?

Oh my God isn't Cade the most beautiful boy's name?!?! Cade Christopher...gorgeous! What do you think?

Re: Isn't Cade an insanely beautiful boy's name?

  • You make very random posts.


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  • I went to school with a girl named Cade - she pronounced it Cay-dee.

    I don't like it at all for either sex.


  • No, not really.
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  • mjreilly2 said:
    Someone please enlighten me. No, I'm not a fan of Cade.
    She comes on and says random stuff, sticks up enormously long lists of random names, and gushes over names that 90% of us will think are awful, all for no apparent reason.
    And posts really random threads on boards she doesn't post on (Single Parents, OAD, etc.).

    Ah. Good times.
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  • Cade. . . umm not really a fan. 
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  • Don't like it. Don't like it at all.

  • Hello, enthusiasm...


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  • You need need a hobby. And Cade is not a fantastic name.
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  • ellenlisaellenlisa member
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    Cade is my sons name so yes it is a beautiful name
  • no, no it isn't.
  • Definitely feels like half a name - like it’s missing the rest of it or something. 
  • Nope. Beautiful or gorgeous is not the description I’d give it. 
  • sjlipham1sjlipham1 member
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    I like Cade, and clearly you do too! I love when I find a name that I feel passionate about. Go for it!
  • My friends sons name is Kade. I always felt it sounded like a half name. 
  • Gah why does this zombie thread keep getting resurrected?! Also the name is terrible, IMO. 
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