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Period after IUD removal

Hello all,

   I don't post too much after little one is born but my big guy is 10.5 months now (born 9/27/13). I had the copper IUD placed in December of last year. It was great. I had no issues, no problems, cycles weren't unbearable at all. I had it for about 7 months before I started having an issue. After finishing my June cycle (6/21), I started bleeding/spotting 9 days later (6/30). This continued for about 3 weeks before I finally said "lets go see the doctor" (7/18). Long story short, my IUD was falling out and my cervix was dilated. 5 days later my IUD was removed (7/23). My cycles normally last about 33 days (give or take). Cycle was meant to begin on 7/18, but due to bleeding/spotting for 3 weeks I'm sure there was nothing to shed. So here we are 8/20 (almost 21) and still no AF. I finally got the approval from my insurance to have the Mirena placed but I need to be on my cycle first. My husband and I have been very careful since seeing my doctor on the 18th but for the 3 weeks prior to me going to the doctor, we were not and I'm assuming at risk since the IUD was out of place. She did a pregnancy test back on the 18th and the 23rd and they both came back negative and I have absolutely no symptoms so I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant but I'm just curious if my cycle could be out of whack at all. The copper IUD has no hormones so it really shouldn't be affected at all right? Just looking for some advice or stories is all. Thanks :-)
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