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is this enough milk?

My LO will be 11 months this weekend.  He went to daycare until last June and returned to daycare this week (I am a teacher).  I am wondering if he is getting enough breast milk.  I nurse him in the morning when he wakes up which is around 6:15. (Sometimes I have to stop him from nursing because we have to get to daycare.  They give him a 4 oz BM bottle sometime between 12:00 -1:00.  Then they do not give him another bottle (I do send 3 bottles though.)  I nurse him when I get home which is usually between 4:30 and 5:15.  Then he nurses right before going to bed.
He is getting solids/tablefood for 2 snacks and breakfast, lunch and dinner.  He drinks water with those meals.  Is that enough breastmilk for him to have?  Is it too long between BM feedings.  Thanks!
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Re: is this enough milk?

  • I am also a teacher and returned this week.
    My dd nurses about 6:30 each morning. She gets breakfast at the sitter. She drinks a sippy of milk mid morning. Then has lunch. Then nap time sometimes a sippy of milk when she wakes. She gets snacks throughout the day as well. Then she sometimes nurses when we get home about 4:30. Then dinner and snacks and nurses before bed 8:30-9. Some days she is interested in having more milk then other days.
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  • I'm a teacher too. DS is only taking 1 bottle of BM at daycare. He eats 1 snack, 3 meals. Has coconut milk with meals and has a prune/water bottle. I nurse in the morning, after school, dinner, before bed and at least once over night. I don't know if its enough. His year appointment is next week I plan on discussing this
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  • It's hard to say as I'm sure every baby is different and all you can go on are their cues. How much was he nursing before he started daycare again? Are they offering him bottles and he's refusing or have they just found a time in which they feel he wants the milk? My dd eat 4x a day ( wake up nurse around 6:30, breakfast, bottle at 11, lunch at noon, bottle at 3, dinner at 5:30 then nursing session before bed. She eats big meals and has 2 snacks too. She's always been on the smaller side though so I assume she needs all of it.
  • I work full time and nurse in the morning but she's not usually interested for very long. She has breakfast nap lunch snack 5 oz breast milk dinner nurses before bed. She seems happy with it and it sounds about the same as you're giving. She used to have a bottle right before lunch but was pretty uninterested in it so we cut it. She has water with meals and usually nursed between 3-4AM overnight.
  • Thanks....What my LO is eating/drinking sounds similar to what most of yours is doing.  Before going back to work he was BF on average 4 to 5 times a day.  So now he still gets 4 times a day.  My husband drops him off in the morning he is a man so he really won't ask alot of questions!  When I pick him up there is just a part time person there who really has not been with him for the day.  Right now due to vacations the staffing is different and he is even in a different room.  I was just nervous about making sure he has enough but I know he is starting to wean away from BM.
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  • My doctor said that he should be getting about 20 oz a day of BM. He nurses in the morning and at night and gets two bottles at daycare (about 13 oz total) so we should be pretty close to that. Oh and with the middle of the night nursing that definitely pushes us over. I would love to stop that one.
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