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Anyone else not eating food yet?

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DD was 7 months on the 7th. I recently weaned and she drinks about five 4-6oz bottles of formula a day. That's on the low end of the guidelines but pedi says she's growing fine and not to worry. He also says not to worry that she's not eating yet but DS was guzzling food by this age so I can't help but think about it. I tried BLW at 6 months but didn't really give it a good go before switching to offering purées. She just isn't interested in them. At school they tell me she doesn't eat them either. She won't swallow and just spits them out. She has a super sensitive gag reflex and has vomited more than once while eating. I'm wondering if I should go back to BLW and really give it a fair try. Anyone else going through something like this?

Re: Anyone else not eating food yet?

  • I started food with DD at about 5.5 months and now that she's on the other side of 6.5 months I can say she eats pretty good. She wanted nothing to do with food before but I just kept offering and she finally took to it. She still wants nothing to do with a sippy cup though.
  • I also took a break and started again. DS still wouldn't really eat, though. Then I found out that he would eat if I put the jar up to his mouth and kind of...poured the food in. It's messy, but he wants nothing to do with a spoon. I think its too slow for him. I don't know if this makes bad eating habits later on in life, but trying different "delivery systems" for the purees might help!
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  • Up until about 1.5 weeks ago he wasn't eating much. It would be anywhere from 0-4 oz a day of solids. Then it just took off. We are doing BLW and I think it had a lot to do with the pincer grip developing. He still won't eat much of the store bought purees. I think they are just too bland to be worth it for him. If you go back to BLW I would suggest doing some well seasoned green beans. I make mine with a little bacon grease, a little S&P, and garlic powder. Cook until they are fairly soft. The stick is easy to pick up and it chews really easy. They are still our go to meal for him.
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  • @jcwinsto‌ Great idea! I will try those.

    Thanks ladies. I think I will give BLW another go and just give it time.
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    Bb girl wants a piece of whatever it is I'm eating. If I have her on my lap while I'm eating, she tries to grab it and bite it.
    For the most part I just let her taste stuff and I've just given her small bits of pasta and chunks of avocado but I'm still kind of hesitant to give her other stuff cuz her teeth haven't come in yet.
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