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One more bit of good news

Cause I'm procrastinating. Jon just spilled a 1/2 gallon of milk all over my kitchen floor and I need to scrub it *not the good news* We met with the district in a last ditch effort before we went to due process. District is giving a new SLP to the building where Jon is at and they must be trained in PROMPT and use the techniques with him. We will meet in October to have another IEP to meet his pragmatics and social skills needs. AND...they agreed to compensatory ed time for 30 minutes WEEKLY for an entire year to assist as he regressed in social skills since we had the initial IEE in February.

Re: One more bit of good news

  • DS spilled an almost full gallon of milk on 4 carpeted stairs last year in our apartment. It was the pop off kind of lid. So since then we make sure we get the screw on lid when we buy milk. We cleaned those stairs a couple of times at the time and steamed the carpet. Good memory! Not funny but we laugh now.

    I did cry over breastmilk when I was pumping at work two different times.

    Yay for the services!
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  • I usually do the screw top. We went to a different store where it was a pop,off lid. I am grateful it wasn't carpet :)
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  • This IS good news. I hope they keep to their word this time.

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