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Quick update on my oldest

The PET scan showed things didn't spread!  He'll have a surgery Friday to remove the cancer an hopefully that will be the end of his treatments. He may need radiation dependent on the grade of the tumor. Otherwise it is oncology every 3 months for a year, 4 months for year 2, 5 for year 3, and 6 months for years 4 and 5.

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Re: Quick update on my oldest

  • I do PET scans. Good job to your DS for getting the scan done! Yay for wonderful news!!
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  • I'm so glad there is some good news!
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  • Hurrah! Keep us posted on how surgery goes.
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  • Sounds like great news!


  • Hooray for good news!!
  • I am so glad to hear that!! Good luck with the surgery on Friday!

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    Its a healthy girl!!!!! 
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