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    1. Last night I deleted a game off of DH's phone, it kept alarming game updates all night long and he was on it constantly. He knows no moderation. Now before I look like a horrible person, DH is in charge of bath time and quite frequently I'd peek in to see LO being silly in the tub and he would be playing that darn game not paying attention to her! I kept telling him I wasn't ok with that and that he needs to stop but he just wouldn't. After I deleted it I felt terrible but he thanked me because he knows he's out of control. I still feel terrible today :(

    2. LO has one of her top front teeth finally cut through. It's been a long week that's for sure!

    3. I'm thinking about starting charting again. I need to get back to being familiar with my body now before we TTC. It worked well for us last time so we will see...

    4. The weather here has been so nice, I love being able to open up all the windows in the house!

    5. I experimented with a healthy smash cake recipe over the weekend. It came out sponge like but tasted ok. The frosting was way too watery to be able to even frost the cake. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I know I don't want to waste too much money experimenting though.

    6. LO has been off her reflux medicine for 3 weeks now and she's showing no signs of it coming back (fx)!

    7. Bachelor in Paradise is an interesting show but I can't decide if I like it or not. I think it needs to have less commentary and more of showing what's going on in the house etc.

    8. I scored some American Eagle and Aeropostle jeans at the second hand store for $8. I bought them on a whim without trying them on because I had LO with me but they fit perfectly! They had a bunch more pairs in the right size and I feel like I should go back and buy a couple more because that's such a steal!

    9. I've also been hunting second hand stores for a winter coat for LO but I haven't found any out yet. I can't see buying her a brand new coat that she won't wear very long. I did however find 2 fall coats (a Columbia fleece and a Nike coat) for $1.99 each!!!

    10. I am planning on returning our recyclable cans and bottles and cutting DH's hair tonight. Exciting day ;) Hopefully we'll be able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather today!

    ETA : needed to proofread
  • @lilqt3929‌ I think I need to do that to DH but I think he'd have a heartattack if I deleted his candy crush. However if DD is playing with it and it accidentally is deleted, he'll never know .... ;;)

    1. I had a panic attack this morning and thought LO swallowed a letter G magnet... After frantically searching for about 45 mins for where she could've shoved it I realized I was unloading the dishwasher when she had it in her hand and the little stinker threw it in there! Thank you sweet Jesus she didn't swallow it. I figured I would've heard her choking on it but still I assumed the worst.

    2. Apparently we are not ready for letter magnets in our house.

    3. I packed up a bunch of LO's clothes that she doesn't fit and aren't going to be seasonably appropriate. She's growing so fast, it makes me sad.

    4. I think she's cutting 2 more bottom front teeth. No wonder she screamed last night for an hour and wouldn't go to sleep.

    5. I think I want to make some fall door decorations (wreaths, B-O-O hanging letters, etc). I'm excited cause our dollar tree has some cheap stuff I can use for the projects!

    6. DH is traveling this week and it's just me and the peanut. It's nice some days but others I hate it.

    7. I hear LO up from her 1.25 hour nap already. The chick is supposed to be merging the naps for a longer one, wtf. That is not long.

    8. I cannot wait for pumpkin spice lattes. I saw a delicious adult version on Pinterest and I am sooooo excited to try!!

    9. I need to go get my child but I wanted to take a shower since I'm all gross from T25! :'( why couldn't she have slept another 45 mins!

    10. I'm really sad no teaching jobs have worked out. I want to teach and get into my own classroom so desperately. God has a plan I'm sure but I wish it included me teaching soon.

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  • 1. LO has cut 3 new teeth in a week, and I think I see a 4th coming..
    2. I've had so much pressure in my pelvis the past few days, no clue what it's from. I still haven't gotten my period yet so maybe it's coming.
    3. Dd took 10 steps yesterday without falling down! DH was bribing her with a blackberry :p
    4. Less than 3 weeks until I return to work, I'm trying to put it out of my mind for a bit longer.
    5. My friends daughter turned one this weekend and they had a party at the water park. Dd loved it! Can't believe her birthday is just over a month away...
    6. As awsome as summer has been i am looking forward to a bit cooler weather, I love fall time :)
    7. I love the age dd is at, I love my time with her, she's such a happy little girl.
    8. I'm glad dd has taken a love to formula, it's made weaning so easy.
    9. I fell off the work out train for a week, got back to it yesterday and I feel much better.
    10. I'm pissed my work is making me go get another TB test before my return and that I have to pay $40.00 for it
  • 1. LO caught HFM from daycare. Boooooo..... I was afraid he was going to get sick after moving up to his new room.

    2. He also just cut his top two teeth. Poor guy can't catch a break. I feel terrible for him.

    3. When I'm stressed out or sad, I like to online window shop.

    4. I have a shopping cart full of fall and winter clothes for DS on

    5. They keep taunting be by sending coupons to my email. So far I'm staying strong and resisting the "place order" button.

    6. My best friend's bridal shower and bachelorette party is on Saturday. I can't wait!

    7. The shower is at a wine bar and the party is starting on a pedal tavern. It's going to be great.

    8. I am not looking forward to Sunday morning because of this.

    9. We're going to look at yet another house on Thursday. I am over house hunting, so I really hope this is "the one."

    10. I have a Little Debbie Nutty Bar in my lunch as a treat and I'm pretty pumped for it.
  • 1. Work is very busy and not very productive.
    2. I need to figure the best before and after work schedule. When I walk in the door everyone wants to eat. We need a new plan. I can't nurse and cook at the same time. I told DH he either needs to grow lactating breasts or learn to cook.
    3. I printed some stuff for DS birthday. Now I need to assemble them. 
    4. I made a wreath and a photo collage for his party. I have a ton of stuff to make so I need to get busy.
    5. DS birthday outfit came in and it is super cute. DH loved it!
    6. I have not ordered a cake yet and I'm nervous. If I can get DS to sleep I have a number to call.
    7. I'm trying to get my asthma under control but I'm not having much luck.
    8. DS is really into solids now. He is doing well,with thick purees. Next up chunky purées.
    9. DS is teething 4 top front teeth. Two have broken through I can't tell if the other two have broken through yet. DS does not like for you to put your finger in his mouth.
    10. DS will be a year old next week. Last year at this time the dr was scheduling our induction, I was working and preparing myself for his arrival. Sadly I never finished his nursery :(
  • @Joi922‌ will you share your recipe for quinoa burgers? The allergist recommended quinoa for DS. So far he's been eating it as a warm cereal with fruit. But he definitely needs some variety in his diet :)
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