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Soccer or gymnastic for 3 yo boy who is rough at home but shy/timid in class??

My 3 yo ds is very rough and wild at home but he's timid when I had him do karate for two months and that didn't last. I would like for him to somewhat enjoy whatever it is I put him in. It's definitely expensive so I'm having a hard time choosing between soccer and gymnastic for a little 3 yo boy with sooooo much energy but is very shy/timid when he's in a class. Any thoughts?

Re: Soccer or gymnastic for 3 yo boy who is rough at home but shy/timid in class??

  • He's also stubborn and wouldn't give anything a try in the two months of his karate class. So idk if soccer or gymnastics would be better for him.
  • My DD loves gymnastics.  She was very shy and quiet when she started but jumped right in reall.  She started before she turned 2.5 and is now 3.5.  The class is very fun and interactive.  They have a trampoline, tunnels, rings they can flip on.  Very few kids resist the temptations from what I've seen.  

    Do either place offer a trial?  The gymnastics place DD goes to has a trial so the first day is free and then you pay monthly so if they don't like it then you're only out 1 month.  
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  • Gymnastics offers a free trial but the soccer does not. He has soooo much energy that I really want him in soccer but idk if he would even cooperate or like it at all. That would be a waste of $100 once I sign him up =/ still gotta sign him up for something though.
  • I don't think there's a wrong answer here.  Gymnastics should have him burn off as much energy as soccer they'll be doing lots of running, jumping, tumbling, etc. at this age.  Because of the cost issue, and trust me, I feel you on that!  I'd see how he does at the trial of gymnastics, whether he likes it or not.  I think my son would love either class!
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  • DS does both and I think gymnastics would work better for a child who is more shy/timid in front of people.  In DS's gymnastics class, they do a "circuit" so each child is at a different station and DS felt very comfortable with that - and there is more variety of things to do.  There were times when DS just stood on the soccer field and refused to participate; whereas he has never refused to participate at gymnastics.
  • Thank you ladies for taking the time to answer my questions. And I plan on taking him in this week to try the gymnastic class out and if he enjoys it, I'll sign him up and do soccer and tball later

    @traveltheworld‌ this helps a lot, I can see ds standing there refusing to participate, I really think it's a good idea for us to start off with gymnastics and soccer/tball later.
  • idk, also seems young for organized classes. maybe just take him to park to run around and get energy out? that said, i'm starting my almost 3 yo in a drop off gymnastics class this fall with a few of his friends, but i have no clue how it will go...

    if gymnastics doesn't work out i'd prob cool it on classes for awhile and wait till he's a bit older. 

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