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Teething process

Not to throw you guys back 5 months ago, but did have a question on teething. Baby girl has no teeth yet. But now I see 3 poking through: two on the top and one on the bottom. A part of the tooth is sticking out and it feels sharp when i feel it. She's had this for 3-5 days. How long does it usually take for it to come out completely? I'm such a newbie in the teething business. 

Re: Teething process

  • its can take a looong time.  Sometimes they come thru really quick and other times I feel like it looks like a half of a tooth for weeks.  LO has a tooth on top that has been barely broken thru for maybe two weeks now....and its now mostly visable but no where near even half way down.
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  • DD has 8 teeth. They all came in within 3-4 days except the top middle two which about a week. And it was a week of HELL!!!

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  • There goes my wish for you gals to say "oh they were out in 2-3 days don't worry." Oh man. More sleepless nights ahead. And i checked in today at daycare and she's been having a cranky day. Since she's rarely cranky I know it must be bothering her...
  • We only have the bottom 2 teeth and they took a really long time to come all the way in...probably over a month.  I will say that once they broke through it didn't seem like it bothered her at all.  Her top two teeth seem swollen and I can like see the outline but no sign of white yet.  We are having some normal days and some really bad days.  So frustrating!
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