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Spare key?

So, today I got home from church with both kids about half and hour overdue for a nap and whining. DH had to stay in town to drive his parents to the ferry, and we just upgraded the lock/handle on our front door... anyways, long story short, I realized I didn't have a key for our house or a cell phone and, driven to desperation by the sound of my screaming 4 month old, ended up stacking DD's slide on top of our picnic table to scale the side of our house onto our deck and thankgodthankgodthankgod our door up there was unlocked! Bonus - I was wearing a ankle length skirt from church, so I had to take it off for the climb, meaning I did it... in my underwear. Yup. Hopefully no neighbors were looking out their windows, haha... *sigh*

DH and I have lived in this house for over 3 years and have always meant to hide a spare key somewhere but have never got around to it. Today I vowed that would change!! So, do you have a spare key hidden outside of your house? Why or why not? Where? I was thinking out back in our shed maybe... just looking for any spare key wisdom you gals have to share ;) Thanks! 

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Re: Spare key?

  • That sounds like an eventful day! We have a little key safe by the front door with a sort of combination lock. It works well for when we lock ourselves out and I like that it is not just a random hidden key that I would probably forget was there.

    This one -
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  • I am glad it worked out for you, but that visual is priceless! We have a keypad on our garage door that we could get in. Actually, I don't know where a house key is because we always pull into the garage with a remote or if we go for a walk, use the keypad when get back. Maybe I should look for one tomorrow.
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  • I don't have one hidden. My brother has a spare and he lives .8 miles away. Although, if he wasn't home, I'd be in trouble. Way to be resourceful!!!
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  • I never hid one. But my mom has a good friend a few doors down that has one. Also there is one hidden in the garage. We all know the code to the garage, so we go in and shut the door behind us and grab the key.

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  • We leave the garage door unlocked and went with a very expensive garage door.  And both of our cars will not open the garage door unless the cars are on. 
  • Omg, that awful/hilarious! Glad you got in though. 

    We have a garage door opener so its usually not an issue but one time when the power was out and I realized I didn't have a key anywhere.

    I would leave it in your shed so no one sees you retrieve it or you could always put one in your glove box in your car. 
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  • I don't have a hidden key. My dad lives about two miles away and has a copy key.

  • Been there, done that...although I did keep my dress on :) We have a spare key under a rock. We also have a key pad to get in to our garage.

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  • We didn't have a hide a key until 3 years ago when our babysitter got locked out of the house with the kids.  We were OOT and she had to borrow diapers/sippy from other neighbors (she lives 2 houses down so she took the kids to her house).

    I have rarely used our key though.  We always just use the garage door opener.
  • My grandparents keep a spare key on top of a wind chime in their patio. I'm sure their whole neighborhood knows it's there since most of us are short. I have to drag the bench over to get it.

    We have a carport that leads to our yard. I keep a spare key in the washer/dryer closet back there.
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  • My aunt and neighbor have a key here and a key is hidden in the top of the spider spray at the lake.
  • Look at you! Indiana Jones in underwear ;)

    I've always imagined having to do that here. But in shorts. 

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    We have one in our garage.  We can access the garage through the keypad and you can't see the key without a ladder.

    Good thing, too, because DD and I got locked out of the house yesterday when the sliding screen door to the deck somehow locked behind us. 
  • No spare keys, but your story is awesome!!
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  • I'm dying laughing, I'm sorry!! ;)

    Trusted neighbors & friends have a key to our house. I think like 5 people have it!

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  • My friends have keypads instead of house keys and I'm seriously considering getting them. You're story made me realize I have no plan really. Apparently, the door locks automatically, but you just punch in the code and you're in. I'll see if I can find a link.

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  • That sounds like an eventful day! We have a little key safe by the front door with a sort of combination lock. It works well for when we lock ourselves out and I like that it is not just a random hidden key that I would probably forget was there. This one -
    That's a good idea and I'll use it when we move.

    Here, our neighbors have a spare key.  Fortunately they were home the one time I locked myself out, 9 months pregnant.  Double fortunately I was pretty decently clothed (I'd been lounging in the hammock and I frequently do that less than totally dressed).

    Our last house you could get into by popping the screen out with a flat head screwdriver and levering the window open, so I left a screwdriver under the bushes.
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  • No spare key here.  We have a keypad to the garage and that door is rarely locked...except when it is.  We all got locked out and we had to call a locksmith to break into our house for us, no joke.  It was an expensive lesson.  I now have a key on my keychain, or so I thought, don't even ask about the screwy locks in this house.  DD locked me out while I was loading up the car and thankfully my key did work on the front door, but I had visions of calling a locksmith again while my babies were screaming inside with my howling dog.  

    I'm not sure I would have dropped my skirt, but I'm glad you had a way in :)
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  • We have keypads on our front door and garage door.
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  • We have one of these.  What's really strange is that if I lock myself out once I do it 1 or 2 more times within the next week or two and that's always been the case.  We got this after I left my keys on the bus on Christmas Eve and the only place to go was the bar.  Instead of getting home 3 hours early I had to go there to wait for my husband to get home.  By the time he arrived I was smashed and had made lots of new friends. lol
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