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pad for circle time?

Ds is going to pre3. His teacher said he needed a pad to sit on during circle time. Any suggestions? I have no idea!!
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Re: pad for circle time?

  • No he doesn't. She just mentioned it when I dropped off his paperwork. She only met him for 5 min if that..I'll just call her & get more specifics. I'm sure I'm over thinking it.
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  • You can always use a placemat for meals, a carpet sample from a store (you can often go in and request a sample), a small quilt of his favorite fabric. Maybe she is asking all parents so that children can have more ownership of it, and want to sit on it more. If that's the case, let your kiddo choose. You could also color it with a sharpie.


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  • Update!! I found a stadium seat & its perfect!!! Ds loves it & the teacher said its what shes recommending now. Only $7!
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