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Anyone know anything about peanut allergies?

I'm just curious because I've been feeding DD peanut butter more frequently, she's had it maybe 5-6 times.

Basically wondering, if she hasn't had any reactions the first handful of times, what are the odds that the 7th 8th or 9th times she develops a reaction? My mind is just over thinking I think and even though she's been fine these few times I still worry.

Re: Anyone know anything about peanut allergies?

  • I don't know much about allergies (neither hubby or I have them and I'm hoping baby girl doesn't either) but i did learn a useful tip. If you're worried about introducing a high allergen food like peanuts, one way to do it is rub a little on the inside of the elbow and see if a rash develops. 

    But if your baby girl hasn't had any reaction at all for 5-6 times I'm going to guess she's fine. With that said, one of my best friends developed a really really bad nuts allergy at 27 yrs old (probably as a result of a reaction with birth control). Sooo you never know. 
  • Thank you! I figured since she had no reaction she would be fine, but I really wasn't even sure what a slight reaction would look like. That's a scary thought to develop a severe allergy that late!!

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