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Any LB/South Bay FTMs?

I know this is the LA group but let's face it...LA is huge. Anyone in the southern part of the county?

Re: Any LB/South Bay FTMs?

  • Yes- LBC right up in here! Where are you located @quazzy‌ ?

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    Me: 37 DH: 38 TTC since 2011 DH normal Dx: DOR (AFC ranges from 6-11; AMH 0.16; FSH 11.9; E2 45) 11/13: 1st IVF converted to IUI due to poor response to high dose antagonist protocol (only 3 follies) = BFN 12/13: IUI #2 letrozole + Bravelle = BFP, beta #1 156, beta #2 196 (diff. lab), beta #3 1037; 1st ultrasound @ 5 wks 1 day = 6 mm gest sac; 2nd ultrasound 6 wks 1 day = tiny flickering heartbeat; 3rd ultrasound 7 wks 1 day 10.3 mm embie growing away! 

    PAIF/SAIF Welcome!

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  • I'm nearby at culver city
    J+J 05.12  .  N 04.15  .   No.2 due 06.17
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  • @Nootbar‌ I'm in LB as well! Woohoo!
  • JaneShopsJaneShops member
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    reverey said:
    @janeshops that means you're somewhat by me...I'm la Cienega/Pico area

    I'm a bit more south, near WestLA college Oh, & congrats! You're due anytime soon, wish you a happy healthy birth & speedy recovery
    J+J 05.12  .  N 04.15  .   No.2 due 06.17
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    [Deleted User]
  • @Nootbar‌ & @SatoriiBliss‌ where are you all planning to deliver and what are your due dates? At this point my EDD is April 17 & I'm planning to deliver at Memorial
  • I am also in LB, in Belmont Shore
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  • @quazzy‌ I used to work for long beach memorial/ miller children's hospital, & my best friend delivered there twice. Based on our experience, it's a great hospital with stellar care. Awesome L&D nurses, neonate attending on site (vs on call) so peace of mind for the te baby. But, it's not as posh & comfy, especially for the SO & guests. sometimes crowded, oftentimes shared rooms post partum

    Make sure to take a tour, & ask all your questions
    J+J 05.12  .  N 04.15  .   No.2 due 06.17
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  • @JaneShops‌ thank you so much for the info! It is very helpful. I like my OB & she only delivers at Memorial so it looks like I'll have to suck up sharing a room. I'll def take a tour though! :-)
  • @quazzy I'm in Long Beach as well.  My EDD is on April 17, and I'm going to be going to Memorial as well! 
  • I'm in San Pedro. Looking to deliver in Torrance next spring
  • I'm from Torrance and recently moved to Long Beach. This will be my first baby :)
  • I live in Torrance, am a FTM, and due 5/21!  nice to meet you all.  

    Hey, do any of you know of a good resource to find a nanny in our area?
  • Hi I live in San pedro CA, was looking to maybe start a group for us South Bay mommy's to be, but I'm 34 hairstylist due 4/10 anyone interested
  • Hi all! I currently live in PV, but we're looking to buy our first home in LBC this summer. I'm early in my pregnancy (7 weeks), and was wondering if any of you have good recommendations for OBs. Thanks!
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  • Hello! I'm in Cerritos, somewhat close lol.
  • Lakewood!!! FTM with a 6yo stepdaughter. Would love to meet other moms to hang out with, I don't have much family it friends near by!
    13weeks today!
  • FTM, 18 weeks today in Belmont Shore! I'd love to connect with some local Moms!
  • LBC FTM here! Due April 2016
  • Also in LB, Bixby Knolls area. July due date, first timer.
  • Long Beach, due June/July (right on the cusp)
  • I'm in Long Beach also, over near los altos or something. Delivering at memorial as well. First appt for me is the 29th. Can't wait!
  • In LB (Wrigley) have a 1 year old and 2nd is due late August. :smile: 
  • valolveravalolvera member
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    LBC/Bixby Area! Long Beach Mommies Unite! Mommy of 5 month old Sophia...time has certainly gone by so fast!
  • Hi! Dr. Barhaghi in San Pedro is great 
  • Hi! Not a FTM, but I live in Redondo Beach.
    b/w=FSH 15.6, AMH 0.4 surprise natural BFP on 3/12/11
    DS born via unplanned C-section at 40w6d


  • I’m in the South Bay - Torrance!
  • I’m in Torrance too! When are you due?
  • I would love to set up a meeting for all of us. Sound good? 
  • I’m in Torrance too! When are you due?

    I'm in Torrance too! Due May 16, 2019
  • Hi! I’m in Torrance too & I’m a FTM. My baby is 3 months. 
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