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Dodged a big tacky bullet!

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So you may remember that my shower co-host and I were approached by the MTB's sister who asked if we wanted to have one big shower for both sides of the family.  We declined for many reasons.  Their shower was this past weekend and I just heard from a friend who was invited.

Invitations were through Facebook and email.  Not only was it potluck, but MTB's mother told each person what she wanted them to bring.  Not a diaper raffle, but a diaper drive.  Each guest was TOLD what size diapers they were to bring - so not even a prize dangled in front of the guests for their trouble!

I would have lost my freaking mind if I had to deal with co-hosting that trainwreck of a shower!  Can't believe it, especially since we were initially concerned that their budget/ideas would be out of our reach.  Apparently there were no decorations of any kind, and the only beverages were bottled water and soda.  So happy to have dodged that bullet!

*ETA  - I don't think decorations are a necessity or multiple fancy beverages, but you would think since they shelled out $0 for food they could have done a little extra, lol!



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Re: Dodged a big tacky bullet!

  • Wow, that's a tacky-fest.  I'm glad you dodged that one.  Have you had the one that you're cohosting yet?  I've been curious how it went with all the initial drama.



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  • I have seen a few posts recently with the potluck showers! Seriously who does that? If you can't afford to host, then don't!
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  • The shower I am hosting isn't until late September, after the baby arrives.  The planning has been going well, thank goodness!

  • Yikes! Good luck with the shower you are hosting!
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  • Yikes that is really tackified.  Very glad you didn't have to be a part of it!!
  • Woooahh that sounds like you are lucky to have missed out on it, but what's wrong with water and soda for drinks?
  • Like I said in my OP, there is nothing wrong with water and soda, but since they contributed nothing foodwise it wouldn't have killed them to offer punch, coffee, tea, juice or whatever.  Just seems like they did the bare minimum and had the guests bare the cost of food.  Just my opinion...
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