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I just needed to vent some temping frustrations.... I've been temping and using OPKs and kinda checking CM this cycle.... (sorry for TMI but my CM has been EW on and off for like four days) i got a positive OPK on Tuesday and have yet to have a temperature spike to clue me in that I may have ovulated... This morning it was actually slightly lower than yesterday.... And since I got the positive OPK on Tuesday I was kinda hoping for the spike by today... Today is CD 15, and I typically have short cycles so I'm just hoping for a temp spike soon... Anyway, sorry! Thanks for letting me vent! (Or at least reading my vent lol)

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    Hang in there.  What time of day did you get your positive OPK on Tuesday?  It's entirely possible that you ovulated earlier today but wouldn't see the temp spike until tomorrow.

    And I know it's sucky to think about, but if your temp doesn't change then at least you're getting more information about your body and your cycle that you can use going forward.

    Good luck!  Hopefully you'll see that spike tomorrow morning.

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  • Thanks for grounding me @jgy lol I didn't even think about the timing of the OPK... I think it was around 3:30, so you have a point!

    It could be a phantom symptom, but I swear the area near where I'm pretty sure my right ovary is was crampy later that night.... It was probably in my head though...

    I'm just hoping that I did ovulate because we really just don't have the money right now to go back to our fertility doctor if I find out I'm seeming to have ovulation issues....

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  • Thanks @Flygirl1228‌ I didn't want to temp, because the apps that aid you in tracking ovulation through temping don't tell you when you ovulated until like three or four days after you've already ovulated.... And obviously that doesn't help when you're doing an ICI....

    But after our failed ICI last month I just wanted to see what CD I ovulated in the next couple months.... Hoping it would help us figure out when to the ICI when we finally try again....

    At this point it's just been aggravating more than anything....

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  • Hey hun,

    Couple things:

    1) The body is a strange and wonderful thing.  Anyone who has tried to track their cycles will tell you that the simple act of trying to track them can sometimes send things haywire.  She loves to keep her feminine mystique ;)

    2) Remember also that any number of things can affect your temps.  Maybe it wasn't that the second read was low but that the first was inflated.  Sleep patterns, eating, alcohol/cigarettes (if you're having any whilst you're sitting it out) will all affect your temps.  The recommendation is that the first thought in your head upon waking is 'Temp' (before you've even tried to put one toe out of bed) and this must be after three consecutive hours of sleep.  Taking into account pre-dawn trips to the bathroom, late meals/bedtimes and you can see fluctuation in temps.

    And another reminder: OPK's must be as close as possible to the same time every day. The recommended window is between 10:00 and 14:00 (not using first urine of the day)

    Fingers crossed you get to see some results soon :)>-

  • Thanks @Twochickshavinachick‌ I've been trying to be diligent... The first day I woke up at about 2:40 and decided that would be my temp time.... So set my alarm and have been temping that same time everyday. (There was only one day I temped at 2am instead cause I happened to wake up then) The consecutive sleep hours is what is hard for me because I tend to wake up at least two times in the middle of the night. They've stayed pretty consistent, albeit up and down a bit, so I think I maybe am doing okay in that department.

    And I was doing OPKs at 11 and 3 (the day I got the positive I had to work late and couldn't do it until 3:30) but aside from that, I was doing it close to the same time everyday.

    The good news is I think I got my temp spike today despite sleeping, what I feel, terribly! I woke up at like midnight and was like great... I have to temp in less than three hours and it's going to mess it all up!! BUT I woke up by my alarm at 2:40 and temped at 97.81, which is just a tad bit higher than my highest temp (something like 97.7?) so I'm hoping the next few days it stays around or higher than the 97.8 so I can get my ovulation pegged!!

    Thanks for all the support!!

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