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Ranch dressing allergy?

We don't give DS ranch dressing often but he did have some tonight as dipping sauce for some homemade chicken nuggets when he saw DH have it. He broke out with a flat red rash around his mouth. Has this happened to anyone else before? He hasn't had any known allergies yet at 19 months old. The rash seems to be fading and it's only been about 20-30 minutes now. His hands that he was using are fine and no other issues. This has happened twice before in his life---but I didn't even suspect the ranch as the culprit. No stomach issues or anything else ever happened.
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Re: Ranch dressing allergy?

  • My older son had this and the doctor said it was a very common sensitivity but not an allergy.
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  • I've never heard of just ranch dressing, but I do know a 2-year-old with an egg allergy that can't have ranch. 
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  • Something similar has happened to my DD when she eats tomato.  It's a very brief breakout, her face around her mouth is just red for a bit after she eats and then it goes away.  I haven't actually asked the pedi or anything about it yet, but it doesn't seem to cause her any problems so I still give her tomatoes (she loves them) :)
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  • My son would eat ranch dressing with a spoon if we gave it to him in a bowl and we haven't had any allergies, but if you suspect something in the ranch you might try a different brand. Bottled dressing has so many ingredients, but you can find it with fewer preservatives and spices, no eggs, etc. 
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  • The same thing happens to my DD1 when she has red peppers.  No other signs of allergy exact for the temporary flat rash around her mouth.  We have stayed away from red peppers since but will try again eventually to see if it is something she grows out of.
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  • My daughter has the same reaction to ranch dressing and sometimes to tomatoes. It isn't an allergy... it is just because both can be very acidic. Her skin turns red, but it fades away pretty quickly.
  • DawnJM25 said:
    I've never heard of just ranch dressing, but I do know a 2-year-old with an egg allergy that can't have ranch. 
    This with DD and DS exactly.  As DD has gotten older, it's gotten better.

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  • my LO has something similar with red pepper hummus.  it fades after about half and hour.
    She had it with cinnomon when she was really little, but that has gone away as she has gotten older.

    I agree with PP to look around for a different brand, and maybe mainly give Ranch at home.  But it doesn't sound so serious that I'd stop letting them eat Ranch-- I'd just be careful/cautious.


  • Agreed with the others re: skin sensitivity. This happens to DD sometimes with tomato sauce.
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