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Back pack size help please!!!!

So I went back pack shopping for my 3 yr old and I thought it was going to be this fun and easy thing. Now I'm so confused. I had no idea there were different sizes. Do I get her a regular size 16" for preschool or a mini 13"?? The regular size looks so big but will fit her lunchbox, change of clothes, and projects. I'm not sure the 13" will even though it looks a lot better on her. Here's a pic of the regular size, what do you guys think? 

Re: Back pack size help please!!!!

  • Most preschools I know of require one that is at least big enough to hold a regular size school folder. I think the typical mini one won't be big enough.
  • We went with a full size because that's what he wanted.  It doesn't even matter since I get stuck holding it anyway :)
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  • If you are unsure, get the regular size one.  It's better to be too big then too small in my experience 


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  • I prefer the smaller size for preschool...the full size were way too big for them. It holds a change of clothes and all the papers just fine.

  • For preschool, I would go with the smaller size.  There are more than just 2 sizes.  We found a 12 L children's backpack that our 2 boys used last year for preschool and pre-k.  They were able to fit extra clothes, folder for papers/artwork and a change of clothes with room to spare.  It's a decent size that DS1 will continue to use it for kindergarten.

    Preschoolers walking around with full size backpacks(hitting the backs of their legs) look ridiculous. They would not be able to carry them if they were filled to capacity.  We found it easier to carry the lunch box separate. 

    It's probably just a moot point anyhow seeing that the parents end up carrying them the most.
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