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were you able to babywear and wrestle a toddler?

I have a Moby and a Beco Butterfly 2 that I used with DD.  I wore her hands-free, but always had a hand to adjust her.  When I take DD to the park, etc. she often needs to be wrangled.  She resists, and I can just imagine dumping the newborn or her accidentally punching him.  The alternative would be to leave the newborn in the stroller and listen for him while I chase M around and carry her back to the stroller radius if she got too far.  What is a good stroller radius? 

Re: were you able to babywear and wrestle a toddler?

  • I baby wear. I adjust as tight as I can when I can ;) We RARELY use a stroller!! So no suggestions on a radius but practice makes perfect with a Moby ;))
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  • I wore DS in a moby when he was young.  He was pretty snug in there.  I don't remember it being an issue as far as chasing DD around but then again she's never really been that sort of kid.  She usually stays close and listens pretty well.  I started putting DS in a stroller at the park when he was older and could sit up and had interest in watching the other kids play.  
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  • I wore DS2 in the Moby and a Sakura Bloom sling when DS1 was 20 months.  It was crazy at times trying to carry a toddler while wearing a newborn.  If the baby was sleeping and we were out at a playground/zoo/children's museum, etc I would keep him in the car seat but have the sling on standby.  A combination of baby wearing and stroller worked for us. 
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  • Not a popular choice, but I used a Baby bjorn with #2 when my oldest was a toddler (they are 15 months apart).  She was always secure in there.  When #3 was born I used a Maya wrap ring sling and an Ergo with infant insert while my other 2 were running around.  I always used my double stroller to get where I was going, but then transferred the baby to the carrier.  It was so  much easier for the baby to be with me while chasing the others!  Good luck!
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  • I use a mei tai that I made. I just put one hand on his back when I lean over to deal with my toddler. I prob don't need to do that, but I'm paranoid!
  • I didn't babywear at all with DS1 (mostly because I didn't know about good carriers). But when I was expecting DS2, I knew I would need a good carrier because they were 19 months apart, and DS1 only started walking at 16 months, so he was not so independent yet. We live in an apartment up 2 flights of stairs, and DS1 could not walk up the stairs by himself yet. So I wore DS2, and hefted DS1 under my arm and ran up the stairs. Crazy, I know. In terms of playing outside, I did both carrier and stroller. I used to wear DS2 while I pushed DS1 on his tricycle.
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