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Postpartum Depression

I don't know how to cope anymore

My 5 month old has been a crier since day 1. His reflux is better, but he still wants attention 24/7/365.  No matter what I do, he has screaming fits every single day, even after I have done everything in my power to stop it. I'm on prozac, but even on it, I can feel myself unraveling. I put him in his room when I've had enough, but I can still hear him scream, so I just end up in tears trying to cope with it. I have no idea when this constant crying will stop, but I have run out of ideas to calm myself down. I take care of of my 2 kids for 12 hours everyday while my husband works, and it's overwhelming.
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Re: I don't know how to cope anymore

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    Are you able to get help with watching your kids?  Do you know what is triggering LO to cry and scream (over tired, wants to be by you, bored etc...)?  I would talk to your H about how you're feeling to see if there's anything you can do to get some extra help during this time.  A screaming baby can get the healthiest of people to unravel.  If you are able to get some assistance and you're still feeling down, definitely talk to your doctor.  GL.
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  • I just wanted to say that I hope you feel better, that certainly does sound rough. I don't have a baby yet but I can only imagine all the ups and downs, lack of sleep, crying. Hang in there!
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