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Educate me on WCM after 1

So judging from the polls, most of our LOs are drinking their milk 3/4 times a day now. I know after 1 we switch to other milk (if we choose) but when we do, how much should they get then? Do we slowly cut them back? Offer them some all day? I know at that point their nutrition will come mostly from foods but not sure on the milk..

TL;DR. After 1 how much milk how often?

Re: Educate me on WCM after 1

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    Basically 16-24 oz of WCM plus 3 meals and a snack or two. If you are FF this should replace all formula bottles starting at 12 mo. Most pedis recommend being completely off the bottle by 15-18 mo. A lot of people will mix formula and milk for a couple weeks to get LO adjusted to the taste.
    Eta: I'm not sure of the BFing guidelines.

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  • This has some information on switching to whole milk:

    I was putting a little bit of milk in her formula bottles the last couple of weeks, but I haven't been consistent. Nearer to her birthday, I will probably start mixing them again starting with a 1:3 ratio of milk:formula to start out and then gradually moving completely to milk and no formula. She still doesn't eat enough solids to get rid of bottles completely, although she eats solids consistently.

    I think that there are good recommendations to help you, but you know your baby best, and you don't have to get rid of bottles cold turkey, or switch completely to milk, only because your baby turned 1 year old. I'm going to do a gradual switch because I think that is best for my LO.


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