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Thumb in mouth while eating

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W is almost 8 months old and we have been doing solids since about 5 months or so. He has done alright with it.. never seems very interested but he does eat. In the past week or so everytime I give him a bite he immediately sticks his thumb in his mouth! He is eager to eat and takes the bite, but the thumb is right to follow! I have tried holding his hand but he yanks it away every time!

I know it is nothing to WORRY about, but anyone else have this issue? Should I not bother feeding him when he does it? Or just let him and clean up the mess after? :)

Re: Thumb in mouth while eating

  • Mine did this for a bit. He eventually stopped on his own. I just dealt with it and cleaned up the mess after, which is never much of a mess. Do you give him finger foods yet? That might help him have something to do with his hands while he's eating.
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  • @roo1oo not yet! He is not a very good eater so I have been nervous to try anything except the pureed food I have been making. Last night I tried letting him hold another spoon while I was feeding him but he kept sticking that in his mouth as well! I'll just keep wiping up the mess for now! :)
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  • Mine does this; she's a thumb sucker so I just figured it had something to do with that. I think she does it to get a bit more saliva in her mouth but I could be wrong. She eats just fine if I hold it out of her mouth but she prefers to suck her thumb after every bite! She's 8 months now and she's done it every meal she's ever eaten.
  • My daughter does this if I don't give her the next bite fast enough.  Once she sees the spoon coming she usually takes her thumb out.  She's also a thumb sucker.  
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  • DS goes this too. I give him another spoon to chew on (think he's teething) he also wants to feed himself so I give him banana slices to mush up and Avacado and he seems satisfied with that. It's a mess but he's learning.
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