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Rectal Bleeding?

So, I've been panicing that I might start bleeding from the baby or from the SCH that I have (had) but color me freaked out this morning when in the toilet I saw a bunch of bright red blood.  This was a bit alarming and I immediately wiped my front to see if it was from my vagina....nope.... wipe my tooshy again and yep... it came from my bum! 

I have no pain and I feel totally fine.  I have never had a hemmeroid in my life... and I know you can get them when your pregnant, could I have one and not know it or have any symptoms from it?  Other than the bleeding of course.  Its not pouring out or anything and I've only seen it once this morning when I got up and I did have a bit of a strain to go and then once again when I went to pee just now.

I have been fairly bound up lately and do seem to have push a lot for my bowel movements... since its bright red blood I'm assuming its not from deep inside.  Has anybody else had this happen?  I'm not really one to freak out and run to the ER and I feel totally fine... so, I dunno.  Should I call my OB or just wait and see if it lets up if I stay off the potty for a while?

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Re: Rectal Bleeding?

  • I had this with both pregnancies.  They generally aren't a big deal, but I would suggest doing some proactive things now to manage your constipation so your hemorrhoids can heal and won't become a problem.  I drink Metamucil most mornings and try to limit constipating foods (sugar, fruit juices, some veggies, processed foods, etc).  I also drink a lot of water.  You could ask your doctor/MW about taking Colace if you find that Metamucil and diet aren't helping. 

    I keep Tucks and some preparation h gel on hand to use when I get a hemorrhoid, too. 

    GL- they are a PITA- literally!
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  • Yep, straining can definitely cause it. And it doesn't necessarily mean you have hemorrhoids (I don't think) yet, but if you do keep pushing to hard, they'll definitely develop. Once you get them, they come back so easily too. So try to keep the pushing/straining to a minimum, if you can. My first pregnancy (that ended in a loss) I had bad constipation and a lot of problems/bleeding, but this time around I changed my diet months before getting pregnant in order to heal some stuff I had going on. I also take probiotics, which I think is helping a lot this time.  They make probiotics that are specifically for colon health as well, so it can help in that department.

    Good luck!

    We all get it no matter how well we eat, it's just a part of pregnancy. Especially if we have to take extra iron (which I do).

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  • Happened to me last time, around third trimester, then again for a few months after baby.  If you take stool softeners it will help, then once the tear is healed you won't need them any more.

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  • Thanks ladies.  And now by the afternoon it seems totally gone.  I have been trying to get a lot of fiber and I drink a lot of water (pretty much all I drink)... but I dunno if I need iron as well.  Think I probably need to get like a full vitamin work up or something.  But I am doing ok now, it was only there for the first few times I went to the bathroom this morning.  Now, its like it never happened.

    So, I'm guessing it was because I was straining too much. 

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  • Oh yes, I know this problem :( If it does not hurt they are internal hemorrhoids. Happened to me with my first. I would drink a big glass of apple juice everyday, that did the trick for me. With my last baby I had external ones at the end of my pregnancy. It really was just from the weight of my baby and so much pressure down there. I never had bathroom problems. Tucks pads are great for external ones! This is TMI but I have also had a anal tear. That was awful. It hurt's very bad when you have to go. Just try and keep things soft and no straining :)

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  • Apple juice eh?  I had been drinking orange juice from time to time but I can get some of that too. :)

    Sorry to hear you went through all that too.... fun things to look forward to. :(

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  • Thank you, it was not pleasant but I did heal after time. Not till my 3rd baby did I even know that this is pretty normal pregnancy / after birth thing. Unfortunately!! Yep, apple juice helped me. Orange is great too! When I was having a really bad time I ate dried apricots daily. Those work well and are yummy! I think next time I am at the store I will pick some up! I have not had any problems yet, maybe I can keep it that way this time! Glad you are doing better :)

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