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City select vs city mini double

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Ok. I've had a lot of strollers for my son. (Vista, bugaboo Cameleon, gluxe and a city mini) and it drove my husband crazy over the last year!

I love my city mini it's so easy to fold and steer, etc.

Now I'm expecting my second in February and I don't want to end up with 4 strollers again. I'm trying to decide between the city select and the city mini double.

I like how the mini folds and will be easy to use and can have car seat still too. I also like the price! Don't like that baby can't parent face when still little and the smaller basket.

I like how the city select has different configurations and think the front to back might be easier to use in the mall? And that baby can parent face when little. Don't like that I don't think baby could be fully reclined if my toddler is sitting up right in the front. Have heard even if it's more narrow it's a beast to steer with a toddler in the front.

Price isn't a big deal to me although the city mini is a lot cheaper.

Suggestions? (Sorry this is a long one!)

Re: City select vs city mini double

  • A mommie friend has the Select with her toddler & baby - she loves it. I am not a fan (heavy, not as easy of a fold & she has to reattach all the seats every single time. Another plus though, if you have only one child with you, can configure for just the one.

    One more option, Valco does make a double (think it is the Snap Duo) and have heard great things about it on here from other moms about it. Think it is comparable to the City Mini.
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  • I have the Snap Duo & love it. Easiest stroller ever to use & it has amazing storage space. Has me seriously looking to sell my G-Luxe for the single. I really thought the City Mini storage was comparable to the Maclaren double I was eyeing as well. The new version of the Snap Duo is there will probably be great deals on the old one.

    If price isn't an option I'd look at the Valco Spark duo. It's a side by side but it has different seating options so the baby could look at you. It is supposed to be easy fold as well.
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  • I had the same debate and ended up with the City Mini GT Double. Once I read some of the complaints about the City Select as a double I decided that the side-by-side probably made more sense. I tried it out in Babies-R-Us and it turned really easily and I could pop it up on curbs no problem (two of the complaints about the Select). My husband also points out that you see a million parents with side-by-sides and hardly ever see the stacked doubles (and when you do it's usually the Phil & Ted's or the Britax where the second seat is in that lower position). You hardly ever see the City Select Double, so he wanted to follow what other parents thought was best.

    What's the difference between the GT and the regular? I will use it mainly for the mall/zoo/amuesement parks. Do I really need the GT?
  • I have the single version of each. On the single versions, the GT has a hand brake (rather than a foot break), adjustable height handle bar (rather than fixed height), and fancier tires with some suspension for the front tire (makes sidewalk bumps easier) and a little easier steering (both are good for steering though). The GT has a slightly longer dimension & seat width is slightly bigger and the seat's cushion-y-ness is a bit better (more support in the seat/back supposedly). Colors choices are different as well.
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