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Plus Size Maternity Wear - Seattle/Eastside

Greetings ladies!

I'm not quite ready for maternity clothes yet, but being that I'm plus size (2x - Size 22) I have a hard enough time finding regular clothing I like. I don't expect to be losing any weight during my pregnancy, and have been working hard to keep on track so that I gain an appropriate and hopefully low amount of weight. Anyways, I'm curious if y'all have any recommendations on where to go for cute & hopefully reasonably priced plus size maternity clothes? I know I can shop online, but am not a huge fan of that (unless there's an AWESOME return policy.)

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! 


Re: Plus Size Maternity Wear - Seattle/Eastside

  • Hello I'm from the eastside of Washington and I went to Motherhood Maternity I'm sure they're in the Seattle area. Also since I didn't need shirts until the 3rd trimester I scooped out Old Navy online for some good deals on their shirts.
    Hope this helps. 

  • Old navy online has a bunch.
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  • emilyroxinemilyroxin member
    edited October 2014
    For plus size and casual stuff I got things from Macys online. For comfortable stuff I got things from target and old's navy online (I like the t shirts and cami tops I got from old navy online for pjs and staying cool for casual times this summer.
    I also like torrid, I normally already bought from them so just shopped their sales for stuff bigger than usual. lane Bryant for bigger bras is where I went but did that in store from their clearance discount bras. [EDITED BY MOD FOR SPAM]
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