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Holistic anyone?

So I've been doing acupuncture for a few months now. It brought on exactly ONE natural period so I have some hope. (I haven't had my period naturally since I was a teenager bc I don't ovulate)

I just started doing yoga for fertility at home for a couple of reasons. 1. Stress management 2. To get blood moving to the right organs/areas 3. It can't hurt!

Anyone had even an inkling of success with any holistic treatments?
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Re: Holistic anyone?

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    Sounds great! I'm hoping to start some acupuncture after my first RE visit. I've heard some really good things!

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    Congrats on your natural period! Acupuncture is known for having efficacy with menstrual regulation. Not sure if it has the ability to translate into pregnancy. But as long as you let your doctor know about it and get his/her approval, like PPs said, it can't hurt and might help! 

    The only personal experience I have with that is a friend in China who used acupuncture to get her period started if a cycle ever went too long (what they see as very unhealthy), and I visited a Chinese medicine expert and he was able to feel my pulse and tell me I was currently having my period, which was kind of cool. :)
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    So right @iPutKetchupOnKetchup‌
    I guess I mean Any good stories you've heard about holistic treatments? Or ANY kind of good affect (like restoring a period?)

    Personally I've never believed in anything holistic. I work in science and believe in medicine. But I figured it can't hurt :)
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    EDD: May 24, 2015
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    I have heard that acupuncture can help fertility and my RE recommends a place that will work with/knows about fertility treatments also. I have thought about going but it's expensive along with medicated cycles! I think I'd be willing to try it though.
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    I'm super curious about yoga helping. Well yoga in general. I've always been a cardio girl. Just regular yoga or is there a special routine?
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    I haven't tried acupuncture.  But all I think of it this

    In all seriousness, I had considered it.  But I already stress about the money I spend with the RE.  I know a lot of people who love how it's helped them relax, though.  If I could get it cheaper, I'd do it.  I'm thinking of trying yoga while on my 2ww.    

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    Luckily my acu is covered by insurance.
    @morganlmw‌ - I just picked up a book called Fully Fertile (that's what promoted this thread). I started following their yoga poses today
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    I actually have my first consultation tomorrow to see if acupuncture is something I want to do. I'm mostly looking for something to relieve the stress around this, and figured any other positive side effects are welcome.

    I did get the pricing already, though. $120 for the first session, $70 per session after that. You can pre-purchase session packages for a $5-$10 discount per session as well.
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    IDK if it's coincidence or what, but I started hot yoga and my cycles have been running 30-33 days, but it could also be that I've been really trying to follow my diet and I've lost some weight too.  Can't hurt to try I guess. 

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