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Am I being dumb?

So my 2 year old DD has been using her pacifier pretty much since she was born but at 18 months started only using it for naptime and bed time and sometimes if we were going on long car rides somewhere and she wanted it for whatever reason (which we have put to an end). I have been worrying thinking I need to get her off the pacifier and not let her have it anymore or wondering how I would get her off of it without it being too much of a hassle. Then I have seen so many other women with kids my DD's age with pacifiers for just naptime and bed time and I just think I know sooner or later she will get off of it whether it's her doing or me weaning her from it. My DH and I agreed that we are going to wait and see if she gives it up on her own before we step in to do so. Well last night I was rocking her before putting her to bed and she took her pacifier out of her mouth and gave it to me and said "don't want it" and then I continued rocking her, put her to bed, she didn't ask for it still, then she talked herself to sleep and was out. I was very shocked that she did all of this on her own. It didn't feel right to me because she's always used it to comfort herself and to help with teething. She woke up around 4am whinning and only did it for a couple minutes then was out. She woke up this morning whinning/crying for me again but didn't ask for it. I am not sure how tonight will go with it but am I dumb for feeling bittersweet about her giving it up on her own? I feel like she is growing up even more now and the fact she did that all on her own shocked me and my eyes filled up with tears last night realizing she is such a big girl and maybe she doesn't need it anymore and going to put herself to sleep without it!

Re: Am I being dumb?

  • Well, it's a milestone, and sometimes crossing those milestones catches us off-guard.  That being said, I'd be thrilled the paci is gone, but I'm one who WANTED it gone because DS2 was obsessed and I couldn't even take a picture of him without that thing in his mouth.  ;-)

  • Yeah I know most people hate pacifiers and don't think they do any good and form bad habits which I completely understand. DD had it all the time in her mouth from when she was born till around 18 months. We finally started telling her we needed to leave it in her crib and it was only used when she went "night-night" and anytime we took her out of her crib from a nap or whatever we always said we put it in the crib and she understood that and followed suit. Daycare also always asked for it after her nap so she was told there too.
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  • Yeah I probably should be thrilled that it's going to be this easy to get rid of it because so many people I know have told me how hard it was for their LO's to give it up or stop using it. I think more that I think about it now it just shocks me that she's actually giving it up on her own and not us asking/making her give it up! I talked to her daycare teacher today during her nap time and I asked her if she has her pacifier and she said no she usually doesn't ask for it when it's nap time. So maybe this is the sign that I need to just get rid of them and not bother with them.
  • Yes, take the opportunity and throw them all away.  THROW THEM AWAY!  :D  When they're gone, they're gone. 

  • We started weaning around 12-18 months, and cut it cold turkey at 2.  If they are okay without it, I'd just run with it.  It's so natural to feel bittersweet about all of those little milestones, and them growing up in general.  But I wouldn't fixate on it. :)
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