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They grow up too fast!

I just dropped off my deposit for my 2 yo to start "wee school" three days a week. Until now, she's stayed with my in laws. Now she will go to school MWFs. Sigh. I didn't expect to be this emotional about this. Next thing I know, my 3.5 month old will be on his way to wee school.

Re: They grow up too fast!

  • Aww - that's gonna take some adjustment, eh?  I hope she does well!  That's so little.  How many hours is it each day?  HUGS to you!
  • It's 9 to 2:30, but that includes nap from about 12:20 to until they start waking up. So really, 9 until lunch.
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  • Tell me about it!  I too have a 2 year old and I luck out in that I work in the town in which I live (in a school) my office is located in our preschool building so once my daughter turns 3 she will be starting there.  I can't believe she is almost 3 already.  Oh and I have an 8 month old as well and my sister was just saying the other day "can you believe he is almost 1"?  No, no I can't!!!  Time needs to slow down!!!.

    We took the kids to a fair that was in the town my in-laws live in and my 2 year old was finally big enough to go on rides herself and not try and jump off and also height wise (she;s a mighty mini).  I saw her on the first ride grinning from ear to ear and waving and I literally had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.  I had to talk myself out of crying.

    I hope she has a wonderful time at school.  

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  • Kindergarten starts in a week!  I am already verklempt.
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    My LO is 11 weeks today.  It's funny how waiting to get to the "safety" of 2nd tri seemed to drag out, but the same amount of time on this side flew by in a blink!
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  • I was just having this discussion the other day. We are almost 9 months and I just can't believe how big she's getting! It's going to be a year before you know it. I need to think about what we want to do for her birthday since she's a Thanksgiving baby.
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  • DS1 started kindergarten last week. I keep looking at DS2 and think he will be in kindergarten in no time since the the last 5 years have flown by. Plus when Ds2 starts kindergarten Ds1 will be 10 in the fifth grade!!! Slow down time!
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  • Tell me about it.
    DS1 starts preschool in a couple weeks; the day after his 3rd birthday.
    And DS2 is going to turn 1 in 9 weeks and he's already taking steps (up to 6 at a time) on his own.

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  • "The days are long but the years are short!"

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