Anyone foster to then have extended family come out of the woodwork?

We are fostering to adopt. Our child was first placed in care in January. He was placed with us in April. Last week a grand aunt filed petition for guardianship. I know reunification is always the goal but I am wondering where this lady was in January? Heck where was she for other children that have since been adopted? In any event, did foster parents attend court for similar situation? I am in the fence about going.
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Re: Anyone foster to then have extended family come out of the woodwork?

  • So sorry to hear that.  I can't say I've dealt with something similar, but wanted to offer my support.  I have attended all our daughters court hearings, I find that I tend to get more information that way even if I can't follow along with the reports. 
  • Yes, we've had this before.  In our state, it doesn't matter how long a child has lived with you in your foster or foster to adoptive home, if a kinship placement comes out of the woodworks it goes straight to them.  

    I would go to any meeting or court hearing that you can go to!
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  • I wish you the best. These are the cases that make me question the "kinship is always best" policies of our government. It's often great, but when someone surfaces out of nowhere, claiming to be a better fit than the family that has loved and card for the child for months or years, it reeks of opportunism and self-interest--certainly not the best situation for the child.
  • We just found out that the BF for our little E is going to try to get placement with his niece.  Where was she three months ago?  Apparently this is what he does...did it with her two older siblings as well.  Our case manager doesn't think anything will come of it, but it has certainly emotionally hijacked me this weekend!


  • We are dealing with this now.  We have had the girls since they were 3 weeks old, yet an uncle who never met them filed a motion to intervene.  DCF is opposed to removing them from our home since they are bonded to us.  Hope the court agrees!

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