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Intro - 40 Years Old and Pregnant...Again

Hi everyone!

I am back...again.  My DS turned 2 on August 4th.  He was a surprise and guess what?  Pregnancy test showed positive today... another surprise.  I know, I DH and I should know what's causing this, right?  I'm 40 years old, been married 15 years, have a 2 year old at home and I'm scared to tell my parents that I am pregnant again...

I did have two miscarriages prior to having my DS, so it is entirely possible that I may miscarry fingers crossed that this is a sticky bean.

If this is a viable pregnancy, my due date is April 9, 2015, which if I carry to term would be exactly 13 days past my 41st birthday.  I wouldn't hold my breath on carrying to term.  My DS decided to make his grand entrance a whopping 5 weeks early.  He was incredibly healthy and got to go home with us 2 days after his birth.  Wishing everyone happy and healthy pregnancies!

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Re: Intro - 40 Years Old and Pregnant...Again

  • Welcome @jcdorsey74 :)  Congratulations on your surprise!  Wishing you a successful pregnancy.  Good luck.
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    Thank you, @NeonNoon.  Now, can you tell me how to get the cool tickers to show up in your response?  Apparently, I am ticker challenged!  :-)
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  • Look for a ticker generator that you like online first (e.g.  You'll have to enter some info and then the site will generate a code for you, which you have to copy.  Then, try following the instructions in the second post here:

  • Whoo Hoo!  Success!  Thanks, @NeonNoon.
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  • Congrats and welcome. Aren't 40th birthday surprises the best? LOL! I'm PG with mine right now. Fingers crossed for a sticky baby!


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  • Congrats!
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    Congrats!  I was in your shoes when I found out too (I am 43)!  We were completely shocked and a little freaked out for a while.  We waited to tell a soul until after our 2nd ultrasound and we have yet to make any formal announcements. 

    Good luck and good vibes your way for a sticky bean!!
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  • Congrats!!

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  • Congrats! FX for a sticky bean.


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  • Congrats! And welcome!
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  • Congrats. Aug 11th is a good day around oldest just turned 14 that day. Lord help me! lol Welcome back!
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  • Welcome and congrats!

    5 weeks myself and also hoping for a sticky bean!!!

  • Congrats and welcome!

  • Welcome back and congrats!

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  • Welcome and congrats!!

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