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Hi, today my sister went into preterm labor at 33 weeks, both my babies were preemies to, but they were 36 and 37 weeks. They are currently trying to stop labor now, but I would love some more information/

She is about 1 1/2 lunches dilated, and they didn't tell her how effaced she was, but they said they could see the hair.

Is it very likely they can stop labor, and what can she expect when the baby is 33 weeks (last scan estimated he was 5 1/2 lbs)?

Thank you

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Diagnosed with Anti little c antibodies. DS1 7.11.11 - Anaemia and Jaundice. 10 days in the NICU, 1 exchange transfusion and 4 blood transfusions. DS2 29.8.13 - Anaemia 7 days in the NICU and 1 exchange transfusion. Both are now happy and healthy. 

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    Scans are in a curate at weight (case in point 20 hrs before delivery at my growth scan she was estimated to be 4 lbs 5ozs...she was 3 lbs 7 ozs). DD was a 36 weeker so I'm not sure what can be expected for a 33 weeker...
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    Dd is a 33weeker. She was mostly monitored during her 12 day nicu stay. She needed a bit of help breathing in the very beginning. I think she was on cpap for an hour or so after birth. She used the nasal canula for a few days. Her biggest issue was finishing her bottles for the nurses. She had to go 48 hrs with No breathing issues, maintain her temperature, and finish all her bottles without needing the feeding tube. Things got easier for her when she had 12 hours to eat a certain amount of milk, as opposed to a certain amount at each feeding. She came home at 35w1d gestation (12 days old). She had trouble latching and we ended up using a nipple shield to nurse. She was 5lbs 12oz at birth and is now a happy, healthy, smart 2.5 year old. She hit some milestones at her actual age, some at her adjusted age. She kinda did her own thing, which the dr was completely ok with.
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