Pregnant after 35

What is "Trigger warning"?

I am new to the site and I feel like you are supposed to put that with certain content but not sure which content?

I don't want to upset/offend anyone!



Re: What is "Trigger warning"?

  • I think maybe it's ticker warning?  

    Some of the other boards that have ladies that are struggling to get their positive tests, request that those of us who are PG, not post on their boards without a warning.  

    I used to post on secondary infertility and TTC+35 and those of us who struggle/d to get PG appreciate warnings. I always liked seeing the tickers because it always gave me hope. Obviously things worked out for me and DH but if I was still posting after years and years of IF I might have a different outlook.

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    IF History in my Bio!

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  • Thank you for the responses ladies, I appreciate it!
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