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A question for those who combo feed

I BF 'd my boys six long weeks before I switched to formula. I felt much better afterwards and BFing for the long haul just isn't for me. I know I will not go longer than 4-6 weeks this time. I will be very busy and just don't want to too long. I am also thinking of supplementing with form until I switch (rather than pumping). I am hoping this will make formula transition easier (DH2 was a little tough). Plus I just want to make it a littler easier on myself and let DH help out. How do you start with combo feeding. I am thinking either from day one or after two weeks. Thanks everyone :)
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Re: A question for those who combo feed

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    I think it's totally whatever you want to do. We had to start supplementing when K was a week old bc I was making like 15ml of milk per feed at the time (we did weighted feeds so there was no doubt about transfer vs response to pumping. I built up to making a lot more later on.) and she was fine. Kid just wanted to eat... I feel like if they have no choice they will take whatever you give them. IMO that applies to type of food (BM vs F), boob vs bottle, brand of bottle, temperature of food...
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