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I'm normally a back sleeper but have been trying to sleep on my side as I approach the second trimester.  The problem is, sleeping on my right gives me back problems because of a two year old injury, and sleeping on my left gives me jaw pain due to oral surgery last year.  The advice on the internet is confusing as some say it is a misconception that back sleeping is bad, and others stand by it.  Does anyone have any good info?  Otherwise, I'll run it past my doc.

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  • My dr said if I can sleep on side but to not lose sleep worrying about it. We all eventually go to our back! Maybe body pillow will help but not that worried until 3rd trimester when baby weighs more .
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    Last time around I was better about sleeping on my left side, this time even if I try I always seem to end up on my back or on the right. Meh not so worried about that...
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  • I would sleep on my back but I slept on a wedge pillow, seemed a good compromise.

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  • I bought a snoogle pillo wand it is helping.  As you get further along it might be uncomfortable sleeping on your back.  I can only sleep on my back for a short time then my leg goes numb because one of the babies is sitting on a nerve. 
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  • I had a Snoogle Loop for the last pregnancy and pulled it out late 2nd trimester. I started using it again at 5 weeks this time. If my husband let me, I'd use it when I wasn't pregnant too!

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