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Need REALLY good idea for telling hubby about baby

For reasons I'd rather not go into, my husband is going to be EXTRAORDINARILY excited about this baby.  It's our second pregnancy (we have twins also), so I can't use the "father's day" "you're a daddy" "small jersey purchasing" ideas (since we have 2 other babies!!)

However, I want to do something a little more awesome than showing him my pee stick LOL. (It's a VERY big deal that I'm pregnant again, to us.:) )

Any suggestions?  I just found out yesterday (via pee stick haha!) but I can't keep it to myself much longer, it's feeling like I'm hiding it (although really I'm just trying to figure out a great way to spring it on him).  So I really don't want to have to do something where I'm ordering a custom card or whatever, that would  take so long!

One idea: getting a t shirt that says something  like "bun in the oven" or "pea in the pod".

Anything else?  I promise nothing is too cheesy!!


Re: Need REALLY good idea for telling hubby about baby

  • Congratulations on what seems like long awaited good news!

    I'm not very good at this... but here goes

    I say use the pee stick!  You could put it in a gift box and tell him you got him a present just because.  If you want it to be a bigger deal, you could add a bunch of helium balloons from Party City.  I think the rubber (not foil) ones are cheap but only last a day or two.

    Or, put the pee stick in a clear bag, in his favorite cereal box.. lol
  • LOLOL thank you NeonNoon, that's a good idea, spesh the cereal box - he's an addict!!!!!

    Now to just get him to eat some cereal for dessert tonight .... :)

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  • I gave my DH a card that was a babyshower congratulations card.  He got it right away.

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  • You guys are way better than me.  I always thought I would do something big to announce, but I was so shocked that just blurted it out to him. 

    Oh well! 

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  • You have mad powers to hold that info in!  WOW!!!

    I could hardly contain myself for the 15 minutes it took DH to get settled when he got home. This last PG was the only one neither one of us was remotely expecting so it was a true surprise for him!  I just wrapped the pee stick in a target bag and told him I got him an early birthday gift.  He was confused at first and then shocked. 

    I would take a picture of the twins feet with a little pair of baby shoes or booties and tell him your family is growing by two feet!  Totally been done before but you could do it from home with a digital camera and your printer!  Might be a cute way to add the twins in on the announcement. 

    GL and keep us posted on his reaction/how you did it!

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  • Thanks Topaz and Jilliansmom...good ideas both!!

    Yea I don't know how I'm holding it in at all Ginger, it's so crazy! 

    But yes, today is the's what I decided to do...

    I made a card w/ a pic of an escalade on the front that says "We're going to need...." and then inside - "A bigger car.  Congratulations, Daddy!"   And then I'll be standing there holding the positive test.

    We actually are car shopping, but with 6 ppl now (including my mom) we REALLY are going to need a bigger car than we even thought! 

  • I just put my pee stick in his birthday card. But if he doesn't have a birthday coming up, uh, NOW, then that won't work.

    On a somewhat different subject, we're announcing our pregnancy to the world with a pic of an eviction notice on DS#1's crib.

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  • You all are way more creative than I am.  My DH sent me a text this afternoon asking how my afternoon was going.  I sent a picture of a positive pregnancy test back and said, "I'm not tell me?"

    His reply, "OMG, how do YOU feel about it?" :-)

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  • That's awesome jcdorsey!!
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  • suzanne03780suzanne03780 member
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    I kept it to myself for 2 days... shockingly. Then I told him I started a new job, as I had previously been looking for one, while I'm at the beach... As a human submarine lmbo it took him a minute but his face was PRICELESS!
  • Good idea and @Suzanne that's great!!  Don't think my hubby would have gotten it tho... LOL

    But I did get him a card that said something like "bet you're feeling proud and glad......that you'll soon be a new dad"

    he was speechless and loved it and then I showed him the pregnancy test :)

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