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Pillow for LO?

Is anyone using a pillow in the crib for their LO? I bought an extremely flat one for LO at Ikea and wasn't sure if there is a certain age you can start using it?
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Re: Pillow for LO?

  • I have been using a blanket for a while now. LO is a cuddle bug and loves surrounding herself in it. 

    I gave LO the pillow 3 nights ago and MH was the one to question me about it. I figure she falls asleep on them in our bed so I would give it a try. I like that the pillow is super flat.
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    Baby #2                ~BFP 8-13-17        ~EDD 4-22-18    ~Can't wait to meet you

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  • I would think 2 is safe for pillows. DD1 has one but never uses it but if she's laying on the couch she loves the pillows. Most drs say 1-1.5 yrs old for a blanket but I waited until 2.

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  • I hate using pillows for myself because it hurts my neck so I just haven't even thought to give her a pillow yet.. She sleeps exactly like me, on her belly with her arms underneath her, I figure she won't benefit from a pillow.
  • She has had a pillow in her crib for a long time now. I've used it to help her feel secure as she sleeps on her side so it's behind her back. U gave her a small flat piles for her head about 2 weeks ago. Someone made it for her, it's about and inch-1 1/2 inch thick, firm. I do wish it was a little bigger and have thought about making one from something like an egg crate foam so it wouldn't be fluffy at all but bigger than the one she is using. She had slept much better since we started using it. She also sleeps with a blanket over a sleep sack because we sleep with the house very cool.
    DD doesn't move hardly at all in her sleep. If she did I probably wouldn't be OK with either of these. I watch the monitor a lot to make sure she doesn't kick the blanket up around her neck when she wakes up in the morning and is playing. She did that before but hasn't since she can get up now.
  • @jojo1112 said:
    Legitsince86 said: Probably not til a toddler bed. LO moves around way too much in her sleep that there would be no point in having it.
    This. LO uses every square inch of his bed throughout the night. He seems fine with his sleep sack still so we'll use that until probably 18 months and the switch out to a light blanket. But we still have nothing besides his small lovie in the crib with him.
    Same here about moving all over at night. She uses a sleep sack for naps and bedtime. It's part of our sleep routine.


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  • We will continue to use sleep sacks and no pillow possibly until he is in a toddler bed. But at least for a few more months.
  • Dd is still in a sleep sack and will be for a while longer. She moves around so much in her sleep still I doubt she would keep a blanket on herself or keep her head on a pillow ;)
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