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So what's your weekend plans?

Not a whole lot going on for me. Probably a trip to the aquarium, hopefully a swim In the ocean and maybe a visit with a friend that I haven't seen in a while. Also I'd like to get DDs bday invites printed and get some decoration supplies (dyi). What are you up to?

Re: So what's your weekend plans?

  • @jdoud77‌ how are you feeling? You weren't in a great place post IUD removal. Hope things have gotten a little better?
  • Soccer practice, take a walk with LO while hubby lines the soccer field, hopefully go do something fun like the park or zoo since it is our last weekend before soccer is back in season. 

    Sunday I am going to Go Ape with my 13/14 year old girls soccer team, it is this new chain company of ropes courses. Looks pretty fun and I am excited to watch the girls bond :) After that team party with the family! I love how us coaches get taken care of and we just come for the food and drinks :)

    We decided an hour ago that we are doing a chill get together for LO's bday so I need to go get invites from the now. Less than a month to go! So crazy!

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  • Tomorrow night the girls are sleeping over my parents house, and H and I are going to dinner then the Phillies game. I'm so excited!! It's hall of fame weekend and we try to go every year to see the old players!

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  • Cleaning and doing laundry. It's my last few days home with dd until I go back to school for pre-planning week and then the kiddos come the following week. Maybe trying to go to the pool or park and try to drag daddy along.
  • Wedding Saturday, baby shower Sunday... I'm going broke with everyone deciding to get married and have kids! Haha.  

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  • Going to the beach tomorrow and to visit IL's at the campsite. Sunday I have a birthday party to attend for my cousins 2 yo daughter! She's having it at a pool so we will be swimming, but I'm just excited for cake & food.
  • Take off the trash tomorrow and maybe some house cleaning. Family reunion Sunday.
  • Saturday-laundry, grocery shopping, and hanging out with LO.
    Sunday-My niece's birthday party and cleaning up the house some since we are having friends over for dinner on Monday.
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  • We are going to try out a pizza place we haven't been to before when Emily wakes up from her nap. I bought two birthday cards for some other S13 babies.

    I will also be in search of this today because my grocery store doesn't carry them and I love them:



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