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2 year molars - a nightmare?!

My DS just turned 2 end of June. We thought that he had entered the terrible two phase...but over the last couple weeks he's turned into a monster. He is constantly whining or crying about something. It gets worse in the evening around dinner time. I'm talking CONSTANT. Everything sets him off, he has tantrums over way more things now than he used to, etc. Basically he's driving his mom and dad closer and closer to the nuthouse and we feel like helpless inadequate parents. Tonight during one of his "I'm going to lay on the floor and flail around and scream because the couch is too 'slippery'" (?!?!) moments, I was able to get a peek in his mouth and I noticed the corner of one of his molars had popped through. If this behavior is from those molars I guess I'm at least happy to have a reason for it, but what the heck! NO other 2 year old that we know acts like DS. Sure they have tantrums but DS is SO extreme with everything. Plus...teeth take awhile to come in. How long am I going to have to deal with this?! I miss my happy go lucky kid, and his less stressed parents!
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Re: 2 year molars - a nightmare?!

  • Probably a combo of terrible 2s and the teething. My DD was a bear with teething. EVERYTHING made her upset when she was pushing a tooth through the gum.
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  • Mine has been like this as well, he was sick and then I REALLY wanted to be able to blame teeth, but haven't seen a sign of them yet. Hope your little guys come through quickly, feel for you!
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  • Molars hurt a lot. I never knew WHILE DS was getting a tooth, but I'd always notice a new one when I was just about at the end of my rope with his behavior (short-fused, fussy, restless, needy, all of the above!).

    Your boy sounds exactly like mine when he is teething...I just always realize it in retrospect and wish I had been a bit more lenient and understanding. Lol

    One more thing - ALL toddlers have crazy tantrums occasionally. Most at home when there's no company around, so you wouldn't know it. And any parent who says they don't is lying! Your son is not weird or different, he's growing and learning about how the world works and getting teeth! Being a toddler is rough for them all. ;)
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