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new attitude...?!

My son is a little over 3.  The terrible twos weren't terrible at all... in fact for the most part was a cake walk!  The past few weeks he has been a different boy... talking back like crazy... saying hes gonna push me down, saying he doesn't like me, saying no ALL the this normal?   I told him to clean up a game he was playing and he looked at me and said NO you do it yourself....  he went to timeout.  I just need someone to sympathize with me haha.  Is this normal or do I need to change something up?  His dad and I are divorced and his dad says he doesn't act that way with him and school says he doesn't either...  Hes fighting me on everything... day to day normal activites! Anyone else???!!!!

Re: new attitude...?!

  • I think it's normal for kids to fight with mom more.  Most kids are good in school and save it for home.  My DD is very sweet but after she turned 3 she started getting an attitude as well.  

    One thing we did was come up with a place she could go pout by herself.  It's not a timeout since she goes herself and can leave whenever and I can go there too but it's a place she can go when she needs a break.  She will just say "mommy I need to go pout by myself" and off she goes.  She usually calms down and will either talk it out with me or just run off and play.  
  • From what I hear this sounds pretty normal. My two year old is getting like this, and I def. get the worst of it, probably because he is the most comfortable with mommy? It is frustrating because he whines for me when he is hanging with his dad, and wants me for everything, then I'm the one he is most defiant with. My best friend has a three year old and says every bit of manners and behavior she thought they established in the past year have gone out the window!
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  • I could only commiserate. My daughter's been acting like im not her mom! Talking back an pushing all my buttons when we are at my dad's house. I try to call her attention to it but she gets worse. So when she is calm i talk to her and tell her the next time she does that we are going straight home. I give her one warning that next time and she knows after that warning ill be firm in getting her into the car and ending the visit at grandpa's

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  • Unfortunately for us, 3 was worse then 2, but 4 was even worse! They start getting independent and trying to assert themselves as little independent beings. My DD got WAY mouthier the closer to 4 she got.
  • I've heard that you either have the terrible 2s or the terrible 3s.  So if the 2s were cake for you, then maybe you're one of the lucky ones that get to deal with it now!
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