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3rd Trimester

spicy food =preterm labor?

I'm 30 weeks, and everyone has me freaking out about preterm labor when eating spicy food. I'm not high risk pregnancy.

Re: spicy food =preterm labor?

  • nope, don't listen to them. 
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  • Not true.

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  • Pffft, no.
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  • All I craved was spicy food, and no pre-term labor (I'm 38 + 4 days now and no sign of labor).  Just have to watch out for the heartburn.
  • I eat spicy food on the reg. no PTL here.
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  • Nope, it's a myth. (And a pretty silly one.)

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  • Nope not true at all.....lol
  • There's no way in hell I could get around having spicy food with the way my husband cooks sometimes. You'll be fine.
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  • I pretty much douse most of my food in a multitude of hot sauces.

    I wouldn't worry about it.

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  • Those people are full of crap. Enjoy that curry or spicy tofu. ;)

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  • On the other side of all the nos.... I am high risk with two previous preterm births. With this pregnancy I've been craving spicy foods so I decided to indulge at 32 weeks and ended up spending two days in L&D trying to get contractions stopped. Needless to say, no more spicy foods until 36 weeks. I think as long as you don't have a history of preterm and are not already dilated you should be fine.
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    If the spicy food thing were really true, no one would ever go past their due dates....
  • I have craved spicy food my entire pregnancy. It gives me killer heartburn, but I can't help that it seems to be all I want. It hasn't had any pre term labor effect on me. I'm 39 weeks and baby boy is still cooking in there. :)
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