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So basically I just wanted to AW about how awesome my family is. Typically in thanksgiving dh and I go to my parents, eat dinner around 1. Then we rush to his mom's, about 40 mins away, have snacks, and then have to be at his grandmother's across the street for 4,to eat another meal at 5. It's stressful every year, and I had told dh I didn't think I could handle it this year, as I'm due a week after thanksgiving. So our families have decided that his mom and stepdad, and brother and sister will come to my parents, because it is closer to us. We will all have one meal together so I don't have to travel or stress. It just made me so happy and I feel so lucky that me and dh have families that get along. :)
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Re: Thanksgiving

  • That's so nice and sweet of them!!!! You're so lucky to have such a supportive family! Who knows, maybe it will become a tradition?
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  • Very supportive.  Love it!
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  • That is pretty awesome that they are doing that for the holiday!!!!
  • That is wonderful! Hopefully you guys can make it a new family tradition so you won't have to be dragging small children all over creation at each holiday. ;)
    (Seriously, holidays with multiple families get complicated when you are dealing with nap schedules.)
  • That's great. My family typically has Thanksgiving at my parents. Last year, I hosted bc it was our first year in our house. I definitely was planning on giving it back to my mom. However, my parents are 3 hours away and thanksgiving is 37+ weeks for me. I had DD at 36+ weeks, so I'm not traveling. Basically, if I want a family thanksgiving, they have to come to me again

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  • That's really sweet. I've been able to get our families together several times now. It'll be even better if we can do that this year. Although my brother and SIL offered to host Thanksgiving yesterday as they just bought a new home...they live so far away lol. But at least I'm not cooking and cleaning :-)
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  • That's awesome!!! So glad to hear they are coming together to support you like that!  Love it!
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